Biden Landed In Michigan And The Crowd That Greeted Him Was Embarrassing!


Biden, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and democrat senators Peters and Stabenow paid a visit to a cherry farm near Antrim County on Saturday.

President Joe Biden arrived at Traverse City on Air Force One then flew to Antrim County aboard the Marine One helicopter. His next trip was to a cherry orchard in northern Michigan.

For almost four hours, the president traveled to northern Michigan, touring King Orchards and purchasing cherry sodas and a variety of fruit desserts. He also stopped into an ice cream parlor in Traverse City on the spur of the moment, buying an ice cream cone and mingling with the customers.

Around 25 people formed a line to see Dementia Joe along the road to King Orchard.

Senator Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat, boasted about the two dozen people (likely hired staffers) who lined up down the road to see Biden.

There are 25 people who support Biden.

However, he got 81 million votes.

Biden’s trip was portrayed as part of the administration’s larger effort to gain public support for his bipartisan infrastructure plan and other policies aimed at families and education.

The president, on the other hand, was seeking direct touch with voters and avoided making any remarks regarding his policy initiatives.

Over 45,000 people turned out to see Trump in a thunderstorm on the same day, while another 375,000 watched his live speech on RSBN Rumble.

According to Buzz Patterson a Conservative candidate for the House on his Twitter “That’s not even a line at the Porta-Potty at a Trump rally.”

Folks from the internet also tweet on their Twitter saying:

“Guessing they had to post a Craigslist ad to get them there.”

 “That is it? Where’s all the people that voted for him?”

 “It seems the 81 million people supposedly voted for him were a little light on participation.”

“I’ve seen more energy at funerals”

“Had more people at my place for a cookout”

“I’ve seen longer lines at the grocery store.”

Actually, when Biden arrived, he wondered out loud “what am I doing?”

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