Biden Opened His Mouth And Trump Took Him To The Woodshed!


Joe Biden is one of those people who likes to blame people for things that he did.

For example, if he ate something that didn’t agree with him and he got sick, he would blame someone on the other side of the country for it instead of admitting he was the one that chewed and swallowed.

Like the issue with illegal immigration. The Obama Administration gave Trump a real fine mess to have to deal with. Somehow, Biden is saying all of this is Trump’s fault.

On Thursday night, one question from Donald Trump flat-out won the presidential debate.

“Who built the cages, Joe?”

Joe Biden didn’t have an answer.

The exchange began when former Vice President Joe Biden castigated Trump for separating children at the border.

In response, Trump pointed out that separating children at the border and putting them in cages was an Obama-era policy that the Trump administration eventually rolled back.

“These 500-plus kids came with parents. They separated them at the border to make it a disincentive to come to begin with,” Biden said.

“They got separated from their parents, and it makes us a laughingstock and violates every notion of who we are as a nation.”

Then, President Trump came back at Biden with the biggest home run of the debate.

“They did it, we changed the policy,” Trump responded.

“Who built the cages, Joe?”

Speaking directly to debate moderator Kristen Welker, Trump then explained the nature of his administration’s border facilities before pressing Biden further over the Obama administration’s use of cages to house migrant children.

“Kristen, I will say this, they went down, we brought reporters, everything. They are so well taken care of. They’re in facilities that were so clean,” Trump continued.

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