Biden’s Gatekeeper Admits How They Are Tricking Everyone Into Getting Poked!


Joe Biden announced that he will make his people knock door to door to your houses and will ask if you already get vaccinated. This actually sounds even worse than what we thought it was…

This thing sounds ridiculous.

Can you even imagine yourselves while having dinner with your families and the doorbell will ring all of a sudden and you found some Biden’s ghoulish federal employees on your stoop, wanting to know if you’ve taken the “Ouchie Fauci” vaccine?

No one would want that to happen to them. Nobody in this country can imagine doing such an awful thing.

But, unfortunately, it is happening.

Biden’s gatekeeper, Jen Psaki just made this matter even worse to imagine after she gave a lot of details on what was going on with Biden’s “Vaccine Stormtroopers.”

And according to her, the truth is it will not be “federal employees” showing up at your door, it will be worse than we imagine.

It will be actually “activists” who believe in the vaccine, Psaki said.

So this time, Biden is planning to send crazy, mentally ill liberals to our homes?

Instead of these “activists”, maybe he should just hire BLM and Antifa to do it?

Watch how Jen Psaki gets when she’s asked to explain this stupid plan. This is not even funny.

Even South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has rejected Biden’s plan in sending someone door to door. Here’s an excerpt from Axios report:

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (R) on Thursday rejected the Biden administration’s plan to send people door to door to urge residents to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

McMaster called on the state’s board of health to issue a directive to prevent state and local healthcare organizations from knocking on people’s doors to promote the vaccines.

“A South Carolinian’s decision to get vaccinated is a personal one for them to make and not the government’s,” McMaster said in a statement on Thursday. 

For me, I won’t let any “liberal vaccine activists” anywhere near my home since I don’t need mouth-frothing “activists” telling me how to live my life.

Watch it here: Video/Rumble

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Axios