Animal rights activists sit in a enclosure after being branded with number 269 in Prague, Czech Republic, Wednesday, June 26, 2013. Animal rights activists from 269 Life movement have adopted the act of human branding to raise awareness about animal rights.The movement, 269Life, was launched with a public branding in Tel Aviv last year and has since mushroomed around the globe, with brandings held in Italy, the United States, Argentina and beyond. On Wednesday, 11 people were branded in central Prague. The group’s name is derived from a number branded on a calf that activists encountered at an Israeli dairy farm last year. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

BIZARRE!!: Vegan Activists Go To The EXTREME To Protest Eating Meat (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)

US News Weird WTF


From Memory Foundation:

Protein is brain-food at its finest!
Proteins in our diet affect brain performance because they provide the amino acids (simply put, protein is made of amino acids) that make up our neurotransmitters. Think of neurotransmitters as biochemical messengers whose job it is to carry signals from one brain cell to another. These brain cells then transmit various signals to the different parts of the body to carry out their individual tasks. The better these messengers are fed, the more efficiently they deliver the goods. (Think Mother telling daughter to clean her room, and daughter then paying younger brother to do it – the more he’s paid, the cleaner the room!). You can see why it’s so important to be eating plenty of good protein – without it, the messengers won’t be working fast enough to keep your mind and memory sharp!

Protein – amino acids – are also essential for our happiness. When we don’t eat enough good protein, the brain can’t produce enough neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which is one of the main chemicals which regulates our moods. Some doctors practising in natural medicine believe that amino acid therapy is more effective in some cases than the traditional drugs that are used to treat depression. Eating good sources of protein helps to boost our levels of serotonin and dopamine and this is really important as these help to boost energy, mental clarity, and basically make you feel happier as well as regulate pain, reduce anxiety, initiate deep sleep. Char grilled chicken fillet anyone?

(Emphasis added)

Maybe they’re just ‘Hangry’.


Somebody get that dude a burger. It’ll make him feel better.

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