BLM Agitators Just Cornered A Public Official And Assaulted Them!


Black Lives Matter extremists blocked Minneapolis City Council member Andrea Jenkins’ vehicle in the street. Jenkins was seen being screamed at by the activists and with her accomplice, the other white woman. Jenkins was said to have been stuck in her car for over two hours, surrounded by activists.

They won’t stop until Jerkins agreed to sign a statement stating that rioters would not be punished.

This occurrence, which many are describing as a hostage scenario, has gone entirely unnoticed by the media.

The CrimeWatch Minneapolis with a link to the Livestream tweeted, “If this weren’t comical, it would be pathetic that not 1 mainstream #MNmedia outlet reported on a sitting #Mpls city council member being held hostage for 2 hours & coerced to sign a statement agreeing to terrorist demands before being allowed to leave.”

“We ain’t asking no more,” the lady who was filming one of the videos yelled at Jenkins when she tried to reason with the activists, “We’re not asking for anything else, White Lady. We are demanding.” The White woman was referred to as an “errand girl.”

Around the 4:30 mark, the main confrontation begins:

Jenkins may be seen on the phone in another footage of the incident, describing the scenario, saying, “I’ve got these White kids in front of my f—ing car.”

Then she talks to the activists outside her car. “Like this ain’t f—ing White supremacy right here.”

The Black man filming it turns the camera on himself and declares that Jenkins is a White supremacist, in the same video, furthermore, he stated, “she came here for a photo op.” Jenkins said she was going to “call the mother—ing cops on us” when he told her they were planning to hold a nonviolent protest outside her house, he added.

Before allowing Jenkins to drive away, the activists compelled her to sign a statement stating that the charges against alleged rioters would be dropped. “Hey everybody, Andrea is signing the piece of paper,” another activist can be heard saying. Jenkins had signed the paper, according to another, who shouted it over a loudspeaker.

As tensions between the BLM mob and the white woman driving grew, Jenkins eventually signed the statement.

Despite the fact that Jenkins is a Black Lives Matter activist, the mob chastised her for not doing enough to comply with their demands.

They had Jenkins sign a piece of paper that was handwritten and titled “THE PEOPLE’S DEMANDS.” Among the visible requests were the dismissal of all charges against the 646 rioters detained in 2020, the release of video evidence related to the Winston Smith shooting, and the closure of George Floyd Square.

The activists decided they needed her printed name and the date after she signed it. “What is the date?” other activists can be heard yelling. Someone somebody informs her of the date.”

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