BLM And The Media Are LYING: The TRUTH About The Anton Sterling Shooting.

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The NAACP as well as Black Live Matter are in full force, and out to lay waste to any attempt at a sane, controlled investigation of the recent police shooting of Alton Sterling. Here are some FACTS that you need to know.

Not because it will change the facts of the shooting, but because the left, the media, and all the activist groups are refusing to tell the truth.


He fathered 5 children with different women.

Quinyetta McMillon, the mother of Sterling’s oldest kid, who is 15, has said she is hurt, now that her son has to grow up without his Father:

“As a mother, I have now been forced to raise a son who is going to remember what happened to his father, that I can’t take away from him,” McMillion told reporters this morning. “He is at an age of understanding. I hurt more for him and his loss as a parent. One of the greatest fears is to see your child hurt and know there’s nothing you can do about it.”

No, no there isn’t. These things are best solved by following the commands of police, typically.

Back in 2000, he was convicted of having sexual intercourse with a minor.

Sterling was a registered sex-offender who had “carnal knowledge of a juvenile” on September 20, 2000 in his home state of Louisiana. The details of the crime are still being looked into, but it thus far paints a picture of the the character of the man.

In 2015, Sterling failed to register as a sex-offender, so a warrant was issued for that, and other crimes.

Since 1996, Sterling had been accused of numerous crimes and was building quite a rap sheet. Among the list was aggravated battery, simple criminal damage to property and unauthorized entry, and domestic abuse battery.

Sterling pleaded guilty to illegally carrying a firearm and possession of marijuana back in 2009

Sterling was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years after being found carrying marijuana with the intent to sell, as well as illegally carrying a weapon.

The gun found on his body at the time of death had been carried illegally.

Though Louisiana is an open-carry state, Sterling was on probation at the time of the shooting, meaning he was unlawfully carrying the gun.

The police were called because there was reports that he was threatening and brandishing a gun. That alone is reason to have weapons drawn on you.

The media have been going non-stop, talking about the mans family yet refusing to inform about the mans recent past and activities. Black Lives Matter, a racist hate group, jumps right up there and demands blood…the evidence, facts, and investigation be damned.

Alton Sterling’s attorney said that he was a respected member of the black community…Really? A sex-offender with multiple other criminal offenses is a ‘respected’ member? The bar isn’t very high, and it shows…

No. Of course not. Sterling could have committed any crime, and I mean any, and the wagons would still circle around him, guns pointed out. It’s never about the truth, it’s about sides, it’s about race, it’s about getting revenge.

The truth be damned.


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  1. this is a fucking disgusting article and you deserve to be publicly shamed. I am making an account on this site for the sole reason of fucking destroying your credibility. here we go again with the “thug” approach. whatever his history may have been NO ONE deserves to be EXECUTED like this. are you seriously trying to send the message that this man was rightfully executed? WHY DOES IT MATTER HE FATHERED 5 CHILDREN? HOW IS THAT RELEVANT AT ALL TO THIS INDECENT? ID LOVE to hear your response you genocidal racist fuck. ITS people like you that bring this hatred out of me. go jerk off to o’reilly you fucking sheep.

  2. BS just wtf does that,all that have to due with him being killed in cold blood.The police didnt know any of that..Yeah he was a bad guy but he was executed .

  3. THIS REALLY IS SOMETHING, now our Big Ass PRESIDENT can cry and fill us on GUN CONTROL….makes you wonder if it isn’t a sat up…..if we had a PRESIDENT that had almost 8 yrs. to change the lives of the BLACKS, he promise so dam much…we are now watching once again of how things will never change…we can say all BLACKS are trouble, all WHITES are, but I can say this it will never get fixed by OBAMA or HILLARY, or both GOPS. and DEMS., we need to EDUCATE, HOUING, JOBS, and all we have seen is more WELFARE….this is our GOVENMENT answer….if only everyone would wake up…but you can’t if people aren’t worked with threw childhood on up…we just lost a women PAT SUMMERS, she work, buildt up a team, mostly BLACKS, they had someone who was behind them, pushing, making them srive to be the best…one women made a drifferent, she loved working and giving her time to yong people…we have a ESTABLEMENT that can’t even relate to the people….they don’t live like us so call STUPIDS! This is AMERICA, no longer strong, no longer the best….BLACK , WHITE, it doesn’t matter to them…they are with JOBS, MONEY, HEALTH CARE. SAING, PENSIONS, we the people are suffering, hating each other, we have played right in there hands….if all would join together we could take over, but they will always see that we will hold the word RACIST!!!! When they are done with us, they’ll wipe us all out….we the people are being lead to te SLAUDER…we are the SHEEPS….

  4. As usual, it is a total disrespect for our Police Officers who have a right to defend themselves from ANYONE who is carrying a gun. I am sorry this man lost his life, I am sorry if his family is suffering , I am sorry that those Police Officers had to use deadly force to subdue this man, but I am most sorry that people become ignorant in how to deal with life. Open your eyes and look at the facts not at Black Lives Matter.

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