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BOOM!!! After Obama’s Anti-Cop Rhetoric, TEXAS Has BIG NEWS For Him

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Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick stood up to Barack Obama and told him just how Texas and their police officers feel about him:Patrick said police officers in Texas know that Patrick has their backs, but he can’t say the same for Obama. And Patrick criticized Obama for saying that tensions between police and minority communities will continue, for failing illuminate up the White House in blue lights in honor of police, and for “being too quick to condemn the police without due process and until the facts are known.” [via USA Today] Bravo sir! It’s absolutely true and Patrick nailed it… he told Obama that everything he says matters. Yes, it does and Obama has shown his hatred for the police and military at every turn.

Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick (R)

From Mad World News:

Barack Obama’s divisive language during speeches and invitations to the White House extended to Black Lives Matter Groups is sticking in the craw of those who have sworn to protect and serve. However, one Texas Republican stood up to Obama’s dangerous and ignorant message, and he’s got just four words for the president.

Obama is well-known for his ridiculous and often dangerous statements regarding police officers and military service members, but Texas’ Lt. Governor is not taking it anymore. Dan Patrick confronted a narcissistic Obama about his response to recent police-involved shootings in Dallas during a televised town hall meeting on race relations Thursday. Patrick didn’t mince words when he boldly challenged Obama, saying that police officers don’t feel “in their hearts” that Obama supports them.

“Everything you say matters,” Patrick told Obama. The exchange was the most energetic part of the mostly somber meeting. However, it was time to stand up for the police, according to Patrick, who has fought Obama tooth and nail on issues like transgender bathrooms and immigration policy.

Arrogantly, Obama brushed off Patrick’s concern and was extremely condescending to him. “So, I appreciate the sentiment. It’s already being expressed,” Obama told Patrick, noting that every speech on the topic since Ferguson has expressed support for the police before adding, “I’ll be happy to send it to you.” Obama then told Patrick he can’t “pretend as if there aren’t potential problems with how police in certain communities interact.” And we can’t pretend that Obama doesn’t love terrorists, racists, communists, cop-killers and anyone else who hates America. Texas is one state that calls Obama out on all this crap and stands up to him… he should not have been invited to Dallas or Texas period. The people don’t want him there – he came to do a photo op, push gun control and a federalized police force. Not to remember and honor those fallen officers.


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