ELDER PATRIOT – There’s a strange and growing dichotomy emerging between the polls conducted by the mainstream media and those using newer and more sophisticated analytical techniques.

The most recent poll reveals Trump is trouncing Hillary by 28 points nationwideaccording to unbiased responses from 100,000 respondents.  By comparison, the average number of respondents to the last six polls cited on the Real Clear Politics website was only 2,858.

The poll uses social media through an app called Zip Question and Answer and it allows users to both ask and answer questions with instant results from a cross-section of demographics and geography.

Developer and co-founder the San Diego based company Crazy Raccoons, Ric Militi said this question was posed to users:

”New polls suggest Trump is getting crushed by Clinton. Do they reflect how you are going to vote?”

Considering the biased nature in the way the question was framed the response was shocking: 64% told Zip they would vote for Trump and only 36% responded that their choice was Clinton.

It should also be noted that social media is mostly used by younger voters who would be expected to support Mrs. Clinton indicating Trump would be even further ahead when older voters are added in.

Of course the mainstream media immediately attacked Zip Question and Answer’smethodology when the results didn’t support Hillary Clinton.  USA Today reported:

“Douglas Rivers, a Stanford University political science professor and chief scientist for YouGov, which conducts online polls with such partners as CBS and the Economist, disagrees. ‘What do they know about these people?’ Rivers says. ‘We worry a lot about who we’re talking to.’”

‘We worry a lot about who we’re talking to.’”  No shit.  This explains why the polls conducted by the mainstream media consistently oversample registered Democrats by as much as 15% in order to get the results that satisfies their narrative that Americans are embracing the progressive agenda so strongly that they’re willing to elect the a candidate they consider totally corrupt, dishonest and untrustworthy.

One such poll conducted by mainstream media member Reuters was “re-worked” to obscure a 17-point swing towards Trump in order to bring it into line with the rest of the mainstream media’s “cooked” polls.

They arrogantly did this after they had released the poll’s true findings that showed Trump winning.  This called attention to the rampant corruption that has engulfed the old guard polling industry by shining a bright light on their collective efforts to tilt the election towards Hillary Clinton.

Pat Caddell, a respected, longtime Democratic pollster and political consultant had this to say after reviewing the differing methodologies that Reuters used to interpret the same data set, “This comes as close as I have ever seen to cooking the results.  “I suppose you can get away with it in polling because there are no laws. But, if this was accounting, they would put them in jail.”

The Zip Question and Answer poll closely aligns with the other more sophisticated polling techniques that use big data analytics.  We have previously reported how big data analytics have revealed Trump’s support is surging among Hispanic voters and making significant inroads among Blacks

Big data analytics increases accuracy by vastly increasing the sample size while eliminating all possible biases.  The fact that all of this is being ignored, or even denigrated as in the case of Douglas Rivers, indicates that high-ranking Democrats and the sycophantic mainstream media are rigging the polls.  We’ll examine their nefarious plan in a future article.

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