BRAVO: Professor Claims BLM “as Racist as KKK,” INSTANTLY This Happens…

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In another effort to further erode free speech on college campuses, a professor at the University of Virginia has been denouncing comments he made about the Black Lives Matter ‘movement’ and the professor is now on leave.

Professor Douglas Muir wrote a commented on social media that “Black Lives Matter is the biggest rasist organisation since the clan.”

Spelling errors aside, the man is right but apparently free speech isn’t allowed, especially when it disagrees with thecommunist-funded faux outrage organization ‘Black Lives Matter.’

From The Washington Post:

A college professor found himself in hot water after likening the Black Lives Matter movement to the racism of the Klu Klux Klan.

Douglas Muir, an adjunct professor for the University of Virginia, wrote in a Facebook comment that Black Lives Matter is the “biggest” racist organization since the KKK. The comment was written last week in response to a Facebook post about a Black Lives Matter event in Charlottesville.

University officials later issued statements denouncing the comments and distancing themselves from Muir. The professor has since taken leave, according to the university.

BLM has not only proven how violent they are but they destroy property and as a result of their actions and disturbing behavior regarding police, police officers have been murdered.

How is BLM different from the KKK? They are specifically for one race and they behave in a violent manner against others. Sounds very similar and sounds racist.

This very same ‘movement’ that claims to be against racism and oppression are doing the exact same things to others they claim are being done to them.

Colleges and Universities around the country are destroying the future of this country by partaking in ridiculous ‘safe space’ rules where people can’t disagree with each other.


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