BREAKING: Border Patrol Issues Stunning Demand About Donald Trump

Illegal Immigration

According to recent reports, the Republican Party in Colorado has decided against holding a GOP primary, awarding its delegates to Sen. Ted Cruz instead—without a popular vote.

Now, the National Border Patrol Council, which has already endorsed Trump, has issued a statement to Breitbart demanding that the state of Colorado hold a primary to determined “how the state’s delegates are bound at this month’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.”

The statement by the council represents more than 17,000 Border Patrol members, and was published just one day after the Colorado state convention gave Cruz all of the state’s pledged delegates.

“In our March 30 endorsement statement of Donald J. Trump, we, the National Border Patrol Council, called upon the American people to stand with border agents in support of Mr. Trump and his pledge to end illegal immigration,” the statement read. “We fully expected that the will of the American electorate, whatever they decided in this primary, would be upheld. It is not clear that voters are being disenfranchised in order to protect established interests.”

“By cancelling the election in Colorado, the Republican Party has found a brand new way to disenfranchise voters who want secure borders and safe communities,” the statement continued. “Once again, the will of the public—who have pleaded for immigration enforcement—is being overridden by special interests and agendas. We see the same thing happening across the country, where delegates won by Mr. Trump—through a popular recorded vote—have made secret arrangements to support other candidates, thwarting the will of the millions of voters they collectively are supposed to represent. This is insidious.”

“I am calling today on the Republican Party to promise free, fair and open elections in America,” the statement concluded.

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  1. Why don’t you people tell the truth. The election WAS NOT cancelled, they held caucuses, which by the way some other states do – Nevada’s was also by caucus but sine Trump won there he didn’t raise a stink. The Border Patrol should stick to what they are hired to do.

  2. thats why they kicked out any delegates that stated they had voted for trump, it was rigged before it started, its absolutly evident, they even talked about doing it in november and passed a resolution to stop trump. your gop arrogant asses will not be forgotten. or given a free pass. we know what you did. you rigged the caucus before it even began. the gop `s absolute bias, arrogance and corruption is so blatant and bold its un -american, bad for the people, bad for the nation. trumps people over 37% of the gop will never vote for cruz. most of us lifetime members of the gop have had enough. we are leaving the gop voting independant and libertarian and when we cant democrat but not for any gop backed canidate . yoour corruption and arrogance just destroyed the gop! you will now control a party that cant elect a mayor. lose the house, lose the senate and still watch trump take the white are fired as conservitives you do nothing, accomplish nothing, and sell out you constituants to the highest campaign contributors. f the gop we will start a new conservitive party and destroy the gop! any group this corrupt and arrogant should not be tolerated. it should be exterminated like a pox apon our great nation. with out trumps votes you wont even be able to beat bernielet alone hilliarywe have seen enough, rigged machines trump missing on ballots, rigged caucuses, if you hated trump that much you should have had the decency and balls to say no you cant run as a republican at all. but you dont have the nads so here we are.trump is spear heading a new revolution agaist the for sale status quo career politicians and the gop just became enemy #1. we will see you come election time and vote against every dam one of you 65 million strong and growing

  3. I think Colorado should we do it and do a primary. Take all the delegates back and let the people decide. I think all the states should start during the primaries only and get rid of this confusion.

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