BREAKING: Gunman At Large – 5 Children An 2 Adults MURDERED In Their Home


A horrific crime is unfolding in Ohio where two adults and five children have been found murdered – they were shot to death. All were family members. The gunman is still at large. The murders took place in three separate locations in rural Ohio, about an hour and a half east of Cincinnati. Police are all over the crime scene now. More than a dozen BCI agents headed to the scene after Pike County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance. They do not believe the murders were random.

From the Daily Mail:

Seven family members were found shot to death in Pike County, Ohio on Friday – a rural area about an hour and a half east of Cincinnati.

A local pastor tells WCPO that the victims are two adults and five children.

The bodies were reportedly found in or near a home on Union Hill Road this morning, just east of Peebles, Ohio, where more than a dozen investigators are now working to figure out what happened.

The bureau sent crime scene investigators, special investigators, criminal intelligence agents and cyber crime investigators. Officials told WLWT they sent so many agents because they weren’t sure exactly what unfolded at the home. Police closed off roads around the home as paramedics rushed to the area. Pike County is in the Appalachian region of Ohio, roughly 80 miles east of Cincinnati and 70 miles south of Columbus. The local high school went into lockdown, but has since resumed normal activity. There is an outside chance the killer could be one of the dead adults, but no one knows at this point. Our prayers are with that community. What a monstrous thing to do. Just tragic.

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