BREAKING: Hillary Gets DEVASTATING News on the 4th of July


Wiki Leaks has her emails, and we are supposed to believe that the Russian’s, Chinese, Iranians, North Korean’s and ISIS never saw anything on her unsecured server. This is just too good. Hillary supporters will ignore it, but the undecided, independents won’t and believe or not, six percent of the populace determine the election.
So uhh…this looks like she wanted something sensitive sent as non-sensitive doesn’t it? You can search for more information, CLICK HERE:

It’s a shame that Wikileaks is more reliable than the government. Plus, it’s a shame this woman is allowed to run for office. Imagine anyone else was under FBI investigation and running for president. We would have lost our minds, but Hillary pulls the gender card and gets a free pass.

Too bad, they can’t get their hands on the ones that the President and Clinton do not want to be published until after the election. It would be interesting to see what Obama and Clinton do not want people to see. If Clinton wins the election, nobody will ever see them. I hope Trump wins so we can see just what went on.

Now that Clinton’s emails are out for everyone to see, do you think it will make any difference to Hillary’s chances of becoming President?


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