The top Hillary Clinton impersonator, Teresa Barnwell, was in New York City yesterday. She was used to impersonate Hillary Clinton after Hillary left Chelsea’s apartment totally fine after collapsing. The speculation has been growing as to whether Hillary Clinton is actually healthy enough to run.

*** It’s not her in the photo.

The woman in the video felt great because it wasn’t Hillary Clinton.

Theresa Barnwell is a paid Hillary Clinton look alike
Theresa Barnwell is a paid Hillary Clinton look alike

These photos from her look-alike should raise more questions. Look where Melissa Barnwell, Clinton’s body double, was today.

Wait. Scratch that. She was in NYC and here is her picture right outside Chelsea’s apartment.

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To make matters worse, here is a rough size comparison of Hillary after the seizure and before.


Here is a close-up on Hillary after she came out of her daughter’s apartment. They are not the same person.

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Now, let’s compare the two. They are very different looking.


That’s not all. The woman that exited the apartment carries her purse on a different shoulder.The two people are also wearing different earrings.


*** And, let’s be real. If Hillary really had pneumonia, would she hug a small child?


The truth shall set Hillary Clinton free. Sorry, that’s a lie. The truth would put Hillary Clinton in jail on various charges of treason. That’s why she works so hard to cover everything up. It’s because she has no choice.

The mainstream media will not cover it either. They are already starting to pull the video of her falling based on distribution rights from most mainstream sources.


Let’s share this around the world. Let’s show the entire world that Hillary Clinton is a liar and now she is trying to sweep a lie about her health under the rug.

This is what censorship looks like in the modern day. In 1940’s Germany, it was Hitler burning books. In the 21rst century, it is Hillary Clinton using a body double to cover up how frickin’ sick she is.

Share this article everywhere on Facebook. Let’s take Hitlery down right now.

0 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS ALERT!! The Woman In These Pictures ISN’T HILLARY!!! It’s Her Double. SHE EVEN ADMITTED IT!

  1. More and more lies by Clinton’s. They wouldn’t know the truth any longer if it slapped them in the face. The more they lie the more they have to cover up.

  2. She does not even look like Hillary. Between her so called doubles and clones. Which one did the FBI question? Still time for the real one to be arrested…

  3. This site is a hoot. Crazed conspiracy theories and ideologically driven rants mixed with T & A links, boner pill ads, and survivalist crap. I guess the RWNJ press knows its audience.

  4. Most Banana Republic dictators have about 6 body doubles according to the MSM. I figure she must be doing some REALLY ILLEGAL DRUGS for her to be all perky after completely collapsing less than 2 hours earlier IF that is her. That said good catch with NOBODY hovering or holding her up. She may as well have twirled around and started singing “The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music..” as STAGED as that appearance was.

  5. And they say she has pneumonia???How can someone feel great after a fainting spell that they had to almost carry her out. For such an important person, why would her doctors let her go out right away instead of rest. Where are her bodyguards?

  6. The double is a damn fool to get involved with Killery . Look what happened to the others when not needed or knew to much.

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