BREAKING NEWS: Chip And Joanna TO BE FIRED FROM HGTV After Liberal Article About Their Stance On Gay Marriage

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This Nation is losing the principal fundamentals it was built upon, and now…. people are getting FIRED for their religion. In this case, one of America’s most beloved families, is losing their job because some liberal idiot decided to attack the the church the Gaines’s attend.

The rest of the story just makes my blood boil…


According to a Buzzfeed post, composed by Chief Los Angeles Correspondent Kate Arthur, the couple was declared guilty about visiting a church whose pastor did not approve of homosexuality and considered this a sin.

On Thursday, engaged Brandon Ambrosino, who declares himself gay wrote for the Washington Post and attacked Buzzfeed for releasing a “non-story”:

“I have heard from a few well-meaning Christian friends that they feel they can’t attend my ceremony. I think that’s silly, I think it’s theologically misguided, and it hurts me deeply because it makes it seem as if they care more about abstract principles than me, their friend and family member.

Still, I do not think these conservatives should be shamed or mocked. I do not think they should be fired. And I certainly do not think they should be the butt of a popular BuzzFeed article.”


On Wednesday, Jason also engaged into a conversation with The Blaze’s Dana Loesch and showed his sadness about the sufferings that the Gaines family has to go through and recalled their similar experience from two years earlier:

“David and I also know what the phone call that Chip and Joanna probably received from HGTV is the same as what we received. I remember when (HGTV) called us and said ‘guys, man we are getting pushed, and we’re getting hammered by these groups.’ And I know that’s exactly what’s happening right now.”

This ‘non’story’ will not affect the people who released it but the Christian community has been asked to show their support during these troubling period.


0 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Chip And Joanna TO BE FIRED FROM HGTV After Liberal Article About Their Stance On Gay Marriage

  1. Brandon Ambrosino – where were you when Obama’s Rev. Wright was spewing his hate speech?? CRICKETS !!!

  2. well here we go once again……the good people lose and we have to bow to the homosexual community ….. I have one thing to say….. the Bible sez this type of lifestyle is wrong…. u may choose not to believe it but ya know what, the law of the Bible is still there & there is coming a day when those who choose to ignore it will be in big time trouble…. u can take that to the bank ….

  3. SERIOUSLY, where are Chip & freedom to worship where they choose and to have freedom of speech like every one else. I will NOT be watching HGTV if they do fire them. SO SAD AND MESSED UP.

  4. Please do not fire this amazing couple. They are a wonderful family and include their children in every episode. They promote family values. There is so much violence on TV now. I try to watch every episode. I wish more shows had some of the love and warmth this family shows. This os one of the three shows I still watch on HGTV. Your ratings will drop again if this show is removed.

  5. There show is my favorite DIY program. They should not be fired …it’s called “freedom of speech” and you of all should understand that. GRRRR

  6. If they are fired I will no longer what HGTV TV or buy any magazines etc etc etc They are allowed their belief as well as the LBGT UNBEILIEVABLE

  7. If HGTV fires Chip & Joanna Gaines I will never watch that channel again. This is so unfair.

  8. Only God ordains marriage between a man and a women.
    The state only issues a binding contract between two people.
    A man and a women enter a contract with God that is a morally binding.
    All Christians should divorce the state from their marriage.

  9. Calling BIBLICAL truths …”abstract principles”. Shows supreme IGNORANCE. Bible based principals are NOT abstract.

  10. I love the show and look forward every Tuesday and even reruns on Saturday. Everyone has a right to their feelings but it’s going over the line to fire someone just because of the beliefs of their church. If that was the case we should have fired Obama a long time ago when his pastor desigrated America. Remember this, dam America . Liberals have a short term memory or jus hipacrites

  11. We stand by Chip AND Joanna. This is AMERICA and we are to free to worship and speak out as we please. These two have been wonderful examples to us. It has been a fresh of air watching a decent tv show. A We have rights too. This lovely couple should not be critized or fired for their views. What do we have to do to stop this nonsense????

  12. IF this is true, HGTV has lost our household as viewers. There is nothing more to be said as integrity will speak for itself….

  13. If HGTV cancels the Gains’ show, I will turn the channel off permanently. I will not allow fringe pressure groups to dictate what is on TV. Where they go to church or what they believe is of no consequence to me. They are good people, have a good wholesome show, and I enjoy watching. I will encourage others to stop watching HGTV if this show is canceled. This pseudo political correctness that is really intimidation has got to stop. Leave this show the way it is.

  14. If this really happens I’m through with HGTV I gave them a second chance with the twins that had their show canceled for the same reason. No more chances.

  15. Chip and Joanna are an American family with sound values whose family are wonderful role models for thier children! They should only praised for thier hard work and living a wholesome life with thier children!

  16. If this is true, I cannot watch my favorite channel again because I am sick and tired of a small hate-filled group dictating to and destroying those who believe differently from them. HGTV is acting cowardly if they bow to this nonsense! God bless Chip and Joanna Gaines and thank you for the great show and the example of family values they always have displayed!

  17. People have known all along that they are Christians and are anti-gay. Why are they waiting until now to say anything? You people that are against them better wake up because the Bible is right and it is God that we answer to and not the Government!

  18. As a long time viewer of HGTV, I am APPALLED at this witch hunt against Chip and Joanna Gaines AND any others whom may have been targeted for their their personal beliefs…..This country,created from the Christian faith, needs to and is finally waking up, standing up to the persecution by people who are threatened by and desperate to hide. I will boycott and encourage everyone I know to also STOP watching and supporting companies advertising on HGTV if they remove this or other shows like this …..

  19. I’ve watched HGTV for as long as it’s been on air, and love this couple. If they are fired, I will no longer watch this channel ever again.

  20. We need this couple on HGTV. One of the best sows. Religious beliefs should not be a reason to fire someone. Keep them”…..

  21. So another Christian is crying because they don’t like gays. Big deal. They also use the media to propel their agenda of being a Christian or being a designer or being a builder or being a real estate person. I guess if your boss is gay and you don’t like gays maybe you should NOT work for him. But how will you(Chip and Joanna) be able to move forward without getting paid the big bucks by the (GAY) media owners???


  23. HGTV you should not remove Chip an Joanna show this is the one time I watch HGTV. This is getting redundant for people to be removed because of there beliefs. This action is wrong and should not take place , people have freedoms in our country the ones who believe in same sex marriage and the ones who DO NOT

  24. This is ridiculous. I’m a great fan of HGTV, so if this story is legitimate, then I’m not only going to stop watching HGTV, I will stop patronizing ALL their sponsors. Seems that Muslims have more rights in this country than Christians. What is happening to us?

  25. Sick and tired of these left wing liberals pushing christians around. I will not watch hgtv if they bow down to this. This is a constitutional right. If they are fired, that right has been taken away and worthy of a law suit. BTW, read your bible. Go ahead, dare you. Homosexuality is a sin. Bible says so. Gotta problem qith it? Take it up with God.

  26. The Bible does say that in the last days men will be lovers of men and same with women, that it will be like Sodem and Gomara when the Lord Jesus returns

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