BREAKING: Sleepy Joe CAUGHT In The Pocket Of COVID Researcher!


Like they always say, if you want to know how anything ever got done you need to follow the money.

Just about everything that can be seen, done, or experienced can be traced using the money trail that follows everything. Once, when I came home from visiting an out-of-state relative one summer, I found a 20-foot camper in our backyard. Now, this thing just didn’t fall out of the sky.

Mom never exactly told me but I am pretty sure if I went through her bank statements I would have been able to see where she wrote the check to my grandfather so sold it to her for five hundred dollars. Yeah, it was the relative rate. Anyway, whether it be politics or buying something for your family, you can always follow the money and make connections as to why some things happen.

In January of this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that a team of World Health Organization (WHO) researchers had arrived in China but would not investigate the possibility that the coronavirus originated in a lab.

One of the researchers has been called out by the National Pulse for being compromised by his political leanings to the left. Could favoritism toward China keep the researchers from digging deeper into the origins of the coronavirus in China?

The National Pulse reports that World Health Organization researcher Peter Daszak donated 71 times to Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

The donations to Biden all happened over a five-month period. The donations called into question the WHO and the media’s depiction of Daszak as a neutral investigator into the origins of the virus that caused the deaths of millions around the world. Is this researcher protecting China or just anti-Trump? Either way, this is dangerous censorship of information that the world should know the answer to ASAP.

Even worse, Daszak made several donations to an anti-Trump PAC called Really American. According to Open Secrets, the PAC spent nearly one million dollars campaigning against President Trump’s reelection. Most of the donations to the PAC came from a Canadian company that donated 27 times with over 200K.

The National Pulse reports that Really American repeatedly criticized President Trump’s handling of the pandemic to damage him politically. They went so far as to label the virus the “Trump Virus” and said, “we #BlameTrump AND his enablers in the Senate for the worst pandemic response in the world.” The group even suggested that President Trump “doesn’t care” about deaths due to the coronavirus.

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