If ‘Bump Stock’ Was the Problem in Las Vegas, Why Did Barack Obama Approve It?


The Vegas gunman held in his possession a device called a “bump stock,” a weapon not widely sold and little is known about it.

This “bump-stock” was originally created with the idea of making it easier for people with disabilities to shoot a rifle. The attachments give the semi-automatic rifle the ability to mimic a fully automatic gun by unleashing an entire magazine within seconds.

Now, the most horrifying tragedy in modern U.S. history has drawn attention to this device after its involvement in the deadliest mass shooting of our time.

Critics now say there should be restrictions on automatic guns. These stocks have been around for less than a decade and were given its seal of approval in 2010 under none other than….***drum roll please…..***– President Obama. He concluded that they did not violate federal law.

According to breitbart:

Democrats are pushing for a ban on the “bump stock,” a device that allows a single-shot rifle to mimic the action of an automatic rifle.

The killer who carried out the mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas on Sunday evening reportedly had several bump stocks in his arsenal on the 32nd floor, and likely used them to fire on the tens of thousands in the crowd below, using guns he had apparently purchased legally after passing background checks.

As Breitbart News’ AWR Hawkins has explained, the “bump stock” is basically a “novelty” that allows ordinary people to experience the feeling of firing an automatic weapon. It does not make a rifle more accurate — but, when fired at a crowd, where any shot is likely to hit someone, does make it more deadly.

And yet the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) approved the “bump stock” because it is not a modification of the gun.

The ATF made its determination in June 2010 — in the heyday of the Obama administration. In the history of the U.S., there has probably been no more anti-gun president than Barack Obama. And in the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting of December 2012, and the failure of gun control legislation in Congress, Obama took matters into his own hands and issued dozens of ambitious “executive actions” designed to restrict access to guns.

Somehow, Obama did not address the “bump stock” issue — not in the 23 executive actions he took in 2013, and not in the follow-up executive actions he took in 2016. Instead, he obsessed over “smart gun” technology and tightened background checks.

One can attribute that to mere oversight, but Obama’s failure to ban the bump stock is a reminder that people with evil intentions will often, sadly, be one step ahead of the law.


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  1. The entire concept that the “bumpfire stock” made this terrorist attack “more deadly” is absolutely incorrect.
    Full auto fire is used solely to suppress incoming fire. If you are spraying rounds at the enemy, he is not going to be sticking his head up to shoot back, so think of full auto fire as the “cover fire” you see depicted on TV. It is not accurate and it is not an effective killer.
    People did not react to the sound of gunfire and start running. They thought the sound of gunfire was actually fireworks and they ignored it. What they reacted to was the bullets, inaccurate bullets randomly hitting around them. Had those bullets been accurately aimed instead of “sprayed” the death toll most likely would have been many, many times higher. The number of injured might have been lower but the number of deaths most certainly would have been higher.
    Anyone who has hunted flock type birds with a shotgun can relate to what I am saying. If you are hunting ducks, geese, quail etc, any type of a bird that is in flocks. If you simply bring your shotgun up and fire “into the group” you will go home with many less birds than if you had selectively fired at one bird. Exact same situation, hundreds of pellets being fired at many targets at the same time. It does not work effectively unless you pick one bird and fire at that one bird. Try it on birds or clay birds if you doubt this.
    The asshole/assholes who did this terrible shooting would have been much more accurate and much more deadly had they NOT used the “bump fire” stocks and instead used deliberate and accurate shots.

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