A Bus Driver’s Dash Cam Recorded A Miracle AS IT HAPPENED!


Near-death experiences can be harrowing for both onlookers and the lucky souls who survive.

A bus was driving down the street when its dash cam recorded something incredible. Just as it passed a construction site, a crane began to fall…with innocent passersby on the sidewalk.

Wait for the 0:26 mark…

He was seconds away from a very bad situation.

He was <em>seconds</em> away from a very bad situation.

If you live in a major city and have to walk beneath scaffolding and cranes, you might think that construction causes countless deaths every year (if you are exceptionally paranoid, anyway). However, according to thesecrane accident statistics, “a world wide total of 86 incidents involving the collapse or major structural failure of a tower crane have been identified as taking place between 1989 and 2009.”

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