BUUURRRNNN!! Peyton Manning Has A Few Choice Words For Our President – YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE THIS!!


Peyton Manning said something to Obama that we’ve all thought since the day he was inaugurated, and boy is it a doozy. However, it’s Obama’s response to it that has me raising my eyebrows. Perhaps there’s more to this than just friendly joking?

From Western Journalism:

NFL legend Peyton Manning offered President Barack Obama advice on Monday prior to a Rose Garden reception for the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos.

The president revealed the words of wisdom in his remarks during which he both praised and ribbed the newly retired quarterback. Obama recounted Manning, 40, said to him, “You should try it. Don’t overstay your welcome.”

The chief executive added, “I have term limits. I have no choice,” which drew laughter from the crowd. Breaking precedent, the president does plan to live in Washington, D.C. after his term ends to allow the first couple’s youngest daughter Sasha to finish high school at Sidwell Friends School. She is scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2019.

Obama, in speaking about Manning, joked, “And then there is this guy from the commercials. It doesn’t matter whether you need insurance, pizza, a Buick. You basically can stock your whole household with stuff this guy is selling.”

Does it concern anyone else that someone (let alone a celebrity) felt like they had to tell Obama not to overstay his welcome? Anyone? Bueller?


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