CANADA Showing EXACTLY What Biden’s Martial Law Will Look Like!


We all live under the idea that at any time the President of the United States can declare martial law.

Now, despite the idea that he likes to project the image of a kindly old man, Joe Biden is someone that would declare martial law at the drop of a hat. Trust me, he would do it.

There are not that many civilized nations that have to worry about this, except for our neighbors to the north in Canada. They are good people, but they have been getting hit with restrictions that would make some of the things we saw in the Soviet Union look like child’s play.

There’s no escaping to Canada either for those in the United States still wanting freedom. The Premier of Quebec, Canada, Francois Legault has instituted a COVID curfew that started January 8.

The curfew applies from 8 pm to 5 am with essential workers being exempt. But even with paperwork there’s no guarantee you’d be left alone. The fine for breaking curfew may be as high as $6,000, which will bankrupt families.

Until the government smelled the opportunity to control. Ezra Levant received video that showed police slowly patrolling neighborhoods with light and sirens blazing. The neighborhood was quiet.

This is much worse than the “FLQ” crisis in the fall of 1970. The Front de Libération du Québec was both independent and socialist. It kidnapped the British Trade Commissioner and Labor Minister, forcing military to aid police. The War Measures Act was invoked, suspending civil liberties.

All of Montreal, Canada is in trouble

All are guilty. What’s worse is the government has said there’s no medical reason for this so it has nothing to do with “staying safe” and “being healthy”.

When medical professionals were told to shut up about successfully treating or even curing COVID, that was your warning. Ezra said, ““It’s all about control and conditioning you to obey. This is a police state,”

Quebec police are the most corrupt law enforcement in Canada

A Quebec man was walking with his child when law enforcement came up to him. He wisely told his child to run home. But even paperwork didn’t save him. The officer swatted his phone out of his hand.

It probably didn’t help that the man asked, “You really think communism is going to help eh?” Ezra tweeted, “There are 228 hospitals in Quebec. And there are a grand total of 206 people in intensive care units across the province. Not even one person per hospital. And yet the entire province is under police control, with a brutal curfew and $6,000 fines.”

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