President Trump Helps A Lot More Than He Knows

President Trump’s emergency rush to embrace technology helps a lot more people than he ever could have imagined. Americans with a particularly isolating disability have been demanding remote access to medical services for years, but the crippling bureaucratic snarl of HIPPAA blocked the way. With a wave of his pen, President Trump’s battle orders slashed […]

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Loyalists Gather To Decide Coup Consequences

Now that the Democrat plot to overthrow the White House has been defeated, powerful conservative Trump loyalists are gathering for a council of war. Now is the time to decide what consequences the traitors should face for their failed coup attempt. CPAC 2020 will feature six separate panel discussions focused on “the coup” against President […]

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patriot rebellion

Patriot Rebellion Kills Liberal Arms Edict

Virginia’s “Lobby Day” patriot rebellion paid off in a big way on Monday. The state Senate voted 10-5 to shelve controversial HB 961 for at least another year. Even Democrats weren’t comfortable banning “many commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, suppressors, and standard capacity magazines.” Had it succeeded, “millions of Virginians” would be forced “to dispose of their […]

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