Adam Schiff, Charlie Daniels (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots) Adam Schiff, Charlie Daniels (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Charlie Daniels Just Dropped A HUGE Truth Bomb On The Democrats


Charlie Daniels sounded off on the impeachment trial in the Senate, and he has an awful lot to say that the Democrats are not going to like. The country legend watched the defense put on by the president’s attorneys on Saturday. “The defense team tore all the flooring out from under Schiff, Nadler, and company yesterday. This should be over,” he said. But that’s not all. Charlie went on to teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget.

Charlie Daniels is a very patriotic American. At 83-years-old, the country icon has lived through so much and has witnessed the highs and lows of American politics. That’s why when he sees the current Democrats as a huge threat to our nation’s Republic, everyone should sit down and listen.

“The 116th Congress will be remembered and recorded in history as the one who threw the welfare of America, the American people, and the American electoral process into the winds of their avarice,” Daniels said. “Their perverted quest for power and the unholy hatred they hold in their hearts for a president who had the nerve to break the bloodline, to usurp the throne, to interrupt the succession, to stanch the flow of their beloved socialism slash globalism that determines their every action.”

Charlie Daniels tweeted out his thoughts on Adam Schiff and his “impeachment performance.” 

“I wonder how many of the lies Adam Schiff told during his marathon prattle rattle will be exposed by the President’s defense team and how many of the rabid insults Nadler aimed at Republican Senators will be remembered. Should be an interesting day,” Daniels tweeted.

“Schiff is getting dragged over the coals by the president’s counsel this morning. His whole case has just been through the sausages grinder of truth.. ain’t much left but gristle and bone,” Daniels tweeted.

“I think the defense team tore all the flooring out from under Schiff, Nadler, and company yesterday, they proved that the subpoenas they issued weren’t even valid They exposed lie after lie and discredited the articles as not being impeachable offenses. This should be over,” Daniels concluded.

The country star then shared that President Donald Trump has done the unthinkable. He exposed his predecessor, Barack Obama.

“This president made either an incompetent fool or an abject liar out of their hero, his predecessor, who told us mediocrity was the ‘new norm’ that the jobs that had left the country were gone forever, and had the audacity to defeat their hand-picked successor and actually started keeping his campaign promises, something their party had never taken as an obligation,” Daniels added.

Charlie Daniels also hit Rep. Maxine Waters and Rep. Al Green for their ridiculous remarks. 

“Lavrenty Beria, head of the Soviet Secret Police said ‘Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime’ In other words, due process, trials and innocence mean nothing. Al Green, Maxine Waters et al with their endless impeachment promises are ascribing to the words of a monster,” Daniels tweeted.

The country legend shellacked the Democrats on his blog, reminding us how high the stakes have become. 

“One of the [Democrats] even said if they were concerned that if they didn’t impeach Donald Trump he would be re-elected,” Daniels wrote. “And so, to their everlasting and greedy shame they listened to their baser instincts and by hook, crook, coercion and threat pulled the votes together to back the weakest and only totally partisan impeachment vote in American history.”

In so doing they have taken the most stringent and solemn constitutional countermeasure and knowingly debased it to the point of something to be used to harass a president, not remove one.

This Pandora’s box that these hypocrites have opened will not pass into history as an anomaly, but will be up for consideration every time an opposing majority party in the House wants to weaken a president.

Charlie Daniels then torched Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and their cohorts, reminding us how history will not be kind to them.

“Names like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, and all the other ringleaders will be remembered as those who cared so little for America and so much for their own power lust that they reduced the price of America’s most closely guarded political remedy, requiring high crimes and misdemeanors, to a big box store fire sale price requiring only personal hate and ambition,” Daniels added.

“People, if the current condition of WASHINGTON, DC does not demonstrate the urgent need for term limits, I honestly don’t know what it will take for us to realize that any positive change in American politics means busting up the long-established power bases, getting rid of the cast of characters in both parties who have dominated Capitol Hill for the last thirty years,” the 83-year-old concluded.

Charlie Daniels is a powerful representative of America’s “flyover” country. He may be a huge country star, but he never lost touch with middle-class Americans. The majority of Americans aren’t sounding off on social media.

Instead, they are working full-time jobs, and they are sick and tired of the endless attempts to nullify their votes in the 2016 election. Thank God for Charlie Daniels. He truly cuts through the Democrats’ bull crap by preaching the simple truth.


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