Citizen Saves Arizona Trooper From Execution, All Thanks To His Good ‘Ol Concealed Carry Licence

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An Arizona trooper was responded to the report of a rollover accident. One crackhead thug decided it would be fun to to insert himself on the cop’s route, with an intent to murder. He stopped the officer short of making it to the crash site and shot at him. There was only one problem… BOOM!

VIA| Local news agencies report that in the early morning hours in Maricopa County, the trooper got a call that a car had overturned and ejected the female driver. He hurried to get there to help but didn’t quite make it since the would-be cop killer decided to go gangsta on him, feeling like a badass for opening fire on the officer.

PHOENIX — An Arizona state trooper stopped to help at a car wreck along a remote highway Thursday when he was shot and wounded in an ambush by a man who was bashing the officer’s head against the pavement until a passing driver shot him to death, authorities said.

The trooper suffered a severe wound to his shoulder and upper chest but he is expected to recover at a hospital.

“My trooper would not be alive without his assistance,” Department of Public Safety Director Ralph Milstead said of the good Samaritan who stopped.

The drama unfolded at an early morning rollover wreck on Interstate 10 in the desert west of Phoenix where a woman was ejected and killed. Authorities believe the man who shot the officer was driving the car that crashed.

Officials said they were trying to determine exactly what happened and that the investigation faced major hurdles with the trooper seriously injured and two of the others involved dead. No identities have been released.

A separate driver reported gunfire and a trooper was responding to that call when he spotted the wreck and stopped, Milstead and DPS Capt. Damon Cecil said.

No sooner did the shot cop hit the pavement that the thug did too when a good Samaritan passing by the shocking scene saw what he did and pulled his own gun out and lit the thug up. Another passerby stopped to help as well, using the cop’s radio to dispatch for police backup, CBS5 reports.

“To the civilian on the DPS trooper’s radio, if you can hear me, I need you to let me know where the suspect is that got in an altercation with our trooper,” the dispatcher was heard saying on the police scanner. “The suspect is uh, occasionally breathing or stirring. He’s been shot by a passer-by,” the man with the wounded trooper’s radio calmly responded. “He’s laying right next to the officer.”

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