CNN Poll After Trump Speech To Congress: 69% AGREE Trump’s Policies WILL Move America Forward

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On Tuesday, President Trump  delivered his first speech to a jittery and skeptical Congress.

He made his case for tougher trade deals, replacing Obamacare, stronger border enforcement and other steps in his primetime speech, and it WOWED Americans across the nation.

In case you missed it, here it is:

After the speech was delivered, something INCREDIBLE happened: 69% of viewers thought President Trump’s policies will move the country forward.

According to GP:

CNN took a poll last night after the president’s speech—
57% of Americans had a positive view of President Trump’s speech last night to Congress.

These were CLEARLY not the numbers CNN was expecting.

It gets better–

They immediately tried to downplay the results of the poll…

Well played, CNN, well played…

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