Crisis Response Force Deployed To Border Gates

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The Pentagon deployed U.S. military troops to crossing gates along our southern border, as backup for Customs and Border Patrol agents. The “crisis response force” will also help with coronavirus screenings and stand by for additional support as needed.

Crisis response force deployed

A Pentagon spokesman announced on Friday that 160 military police officers, engineers and aviation support personnel are being stationed at the southern border, starting on Saturday, as backup for Customs and Border Protection agents. They will be deployed at border crossing gates in San Ysidro, California and El Paso, Texas.

Army Lt. Col. Chris Mitchell confirms that the troops will be assigned to install “temporary barriers to restrict access through ports of entry and provide force protection for CBP personnel as they perform their federal functions.” CBP had been asking for additional troops as a “crisis response force” to help screen for coronavirus as the outbreak continues to spread.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot chipped in his state’s National Guard troops to lend a hand also. His troops were sent to reinforce the Brownsville area.

Liberal court ruling threatens new flood

One of the reasons the Department of Defense ordered troops to the border is because progressives gained another temporary court victory blocking President Trump’s “remain in Mexico” immigration policy. The requirement for immigrants to stay on the outside, until invited to come through the door, was tangled in red tape. If the courts don’t sort it out soon, the floodgates are expected to open back up.

Another huge wave of migrants, many at risk of COVID-19 infection, is the last thing we need when we’re trying to suppress outbreak flareups that are already spreading. A second screener at the LAX airport in Los Angeles has tested positive. The really scary part is that nobody at the CDC bothered to tell officials in Los Angeles that the first screener came up positive.

They didn’t even identify the person so others who were in contact could be traced. According to Press Telegram, “Officials at Los Angeles International Airport learned for the first time that a health screener at the airport tested positive for coronavirus through a press release Wednesday and not from the Centers for Disease Control, Los Angeles World Airports Interim CEO Justin Erbacci said at a press briefing.”

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