Close-up Cheerios breakfast cereal texture.

This DAD CHALLENGE Is Gaining Traction Online, And It Is The Best Internet Challenge Yet!


Being a parent looks really hard. Like, really really hard. So the small things in life that bring you joy, like your kid taking its first steps or it learning how to say ‘dada’, are kind of what you live for.

These fellas have decided not to wait for the kid to do something noteworthy, but instead bring awesomeness forward, raining down on them in a cereal-coated wave of gloriousness.

It all started on the page, Life of Dad, which showcases brilliant things that dads (and mums) do.

Basically, you wait for your kid to fall asleep and then you stack Cheerios on them.

Sounds a bit weird? Yes. Hilarious? Indubitably.

Check it out…

“We got up to 8! #cheeriochallenge” – #LifeofDad user, Celeste Garcia-Villareal

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“How about 10? Lol #Dallascole, #CheerioChallenge”  #LifeofDad user, Mike Crawford

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