DEFINITION OF A PATRIOT!: Young Man Held Flag Up Off Of The Ground Until School Personnel Arrived

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Fox and Friends reported this morning on a shining example of American pride.

The viral photo comes to us from a resident of Ohio, whose son stopped what he was doing last Sunday to make sure Old Glory was not disrespected.

Rhonda Pester wrote on Facebook that her son, 18-year-old Cole Dotson, noticed that the flag outside a Putnam County school had fallen to the ground.

Dotson stood with the flag, holding it off the ground, until someone from the school arrived.

Dotson, who attends Vantage Career Center in Van Wert, Ohio, reportedly grew up in a military family and plans to serve.

Here’s what he wrote on Facebook after the photo started to make headlines:

“Makes me proud. Thank you all for the support! I didn’t intend to get recognized for what I did. But I am sure glad to see the support and respect for the flag. I love this flag and this country. God bless America.”

The photo of Dotson has been shared 60,000 times from his mother’s Facebook page.

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