DIRTBAG Seahawks Announce 9/11 National Anthem Protest, They INSTATLY Get What’s Coming to Them

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As if this Arizona Cardinals fan needed another reason to dislike the rival Seattle Seahawks, the entire team may protest the National Anthem during this Sunday’s season opener.

This Sunday is Sept. 11.

If management allows that to happen, I just…I can’t even.

Here are some reactions to America’s most unpatriotic NFL team…

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0 thoughts on “DIRTBAG Seahawks Announce 9/11 National Anthem Protest, They INSTATLY Get What’s Coming to Them

  1. I’ll do it ! How many white players are on the team ? Or any other race than black ? This is bullshit! It’s only being taken as a racists protest. Nothing more. If they gave a shit, they would not blame the country they were born in. If they really want to make a difference. They can move to another country that will pay them the money they get here. Not! Lol. They are going to be nobody when there career is over.

  2. Did anyone else notice that when these clowns are performing their protests they have the black angry scowl painted on their faces. I thought they were proud to be doing this; they should be happy, smiling. And they’ll be smiling or scowling right to their lockers to clean them out when some coach or manager grows a set and gets as sick of these jerks as we are.

  3. I can’t understand their reasoning for doing this dirty deed. They have so much going for them, nice stadium, good players, good QB, loyal fans, etc….
    By doing what they are planning they will put a black mark on the team forever, there are a lot of red-blooded American fans that won’t put up with that kind of behavior. I for one will not watch any game that they play in nor will I buy any products that they endorse and I hope all of America sees this the same way as me.

  4. The fans attending the game should show their disdain by stripping off their team jerseys and boycotting all concessions,we will see who has more influence on this matter!

  5. If the NFL Lets these over paid foot ball players kneele on 9-11 they need to loose pay day pay check . That might wake them the F up and show them not to spit in the faces of the people how leap pay your pay check . If the players do the knee I will never watch or buy any NFL products ever again , I have be a die hard fan for 55 years , but love my country and flag more than a foot ball game . I promise you I will have all my friends do this to be cause we are real Americans !!!!

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