Dog The Bounty Hunter May Be Behind Bars If He Catches Brian Laundrie!


The search for justice on the death of a 22-year-old Gabby Petito continues to unfold…but the Dog will surely be in trouble if he bites.

Dog the Bounty Hunter wildly speculated that Brian Laundrie could be a “serial killer” and is obsessed with the “dark side” after claiming to have unearthed the fugitive’s “demonic past”.

Going back on September 19, 2021, Gabby Petito’s remains were found in Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming a few weeks after Laundrie drove the couple’s vehicle from Wyoming to Florida alone and refused to talk about Petito’s whereabouts. Preliminary results from an autopsy identified her death as a homicide

Since then, Laundrie has been the person of interest in the death of Gabby and recently, a banner plane has been flying over the Laundrie house with a quote, “End the Silence. Justice for Gabby.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter a.k.a. Duane Chapman was intrigued by the case and felt sorry for Petito’s family, from that moment, he stepped in and helped on the search.

It was said that Chapman was in Florida for his honeymoon, after marrying his new wife, Francie, on Sept. 2.

Recently, The vice president of the Florida Bail Bondsmen Association, Mike Harrison have said that if Chapman arrests Laundrie, he would face criminal charges.

Harrison said in a statement, “That would be kidnapping or false imprisonment,”

Legally, Chapman is just like anyone else because he has no license as a bounty hunter or private investigator, according to the report after a 1976 conviction for first-degree murder over a crime in which Chapman drove the getaway car, but did not participate in the killing, is the reason Chapman can’t get a license.

Jennifer Willingham, Chapman’s publicist, said in an email there is “nothing tenuous” concerning Chapman’s legal status.

Dog the bounty hunter has said that Laundrie had a very dark side, based on the books that he reads.

“I’m thinking more and more about him being maybe a serial killer, not just a killer of Gabby. The books he read are unbelievable, a couple of the books that he’s been reading are 10 times worse than Dungeon and Dragons. This kid, Brian, has taken those books, obviously to heart and this is what happens when your kid is looking at those kinds of things. He just overnight just didn’t become a killer. A killer is made, and he is built to be, or she, a killer” Chapman said.

And despite an ankle injury that has him back home in Colorado, Dog the Bounty Hunter insists he’s still on the hunt for Gabby Petito’s fugitive boyfriend.

As of this writing, Laundrie has not been charged with a crime in connection with his Fiance’s death.

Source: Western Journal