Donald Trump Sends Brutal Message To African-Americans That Obama Is Not Going To Like

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During an interview on Sunday, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said something that likely made President Barack Obama’s narcissistic head explode like a North Korean nuclear bomb.

“Donald Trump will do a great job for African-Americans,” he told ABC News host George Stephanopoulos. “I’ll bring back jobs to this country from China and many other places, and I’ll let people work and make a great living. I will be great for African-Americans.”

He said in effect that he would do more for the black community than Obama has ever done. And given what Obama has done — namely stir up decades-old racial resentment and prop up a sentimentality of victimhood and grievance mongering — we are apt to believe Trump may have a point.

“We have an African-American president and the black youth, the African-American youth has essentially never done worse,” Trump continued.

Trump pointed to the overall black employment rate, which has dropped to a disastrous all-time low courtesy Obama’s insistence on continuing with failed policies.

“President Obama, an African-American, has done a terrible job for African-Americans,” Trump added.

This might be because Obama walked into the White House without any legitimate political or business experience. Trump, on the other hand, has built a multi-billion dollar business empire that spans the entire globe. Now just imagine what he could accomplish in office were he elected president.


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