Dozens Upon Dozens Of Migrants Have Been Caught Squatting In A Manhattan Hotel, And The Management Has…


Too much for Biden’s immigration policy, Americans have to suffer the consequence…

The scene that unfolded in Hell’s Kitchen over the past week perplexed many: why would migrants choose to stay on a chilly sidewalk instead of accepting a bed and food in Brooklyn? The migrants’ protest, spurred by their removal from the Watson Hotel, ignited red-hot political rhetoric from all angles.

The noise, however, covered up a crucial fact: The thousands of migrants who have landed in New York over the past several months are becoming more and more angry and unhappy with life there. Migrants at the Watson Hotel said they feel they are being treated as political pawns, shuffled from place to place, and fed empty promises.

Well, great thanks to Biden’s flawed immigration policies. If only Biden and his regime know what to do at the border, this would not happen in the very first place.

Now, New York Mayor Eric Adams is discovering more and more complications, as immigration activists are stirring the pot in New York City!

According to multiple reports, on Sunday night, Migrants refused to leave as they were scheduled to be moved from the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen. They are to be moved to a new shelter in Brooklyn with all the same services they receive at the hotel. But it’s not good enough.

The migrants, all of whom are adult single men, complain that the new shelter’s facilities are poor. The refuge reportedly lacks heat, blankets, and privacy. Outside the Watson Hotel in the Hell’s Kitchen district, they are protesting.

Although Immigrant activists have been providing supplies to the protesters to help them keep warm during the cold days in January, they provided food, water, and translation services to the migrants. But the city’s response has been lacking.

The protest has put New York City in damage control mode. Authorities have started tweeting pictures and videos of the facility the men would be transported to in response to the migrants’ allegations.

However, the Biden administration must take responsibility for this situation and take steps to address the issue, as the situation NOW is deeply concerning. And the only way to ensure the safety and well-being of these migrants— is the time for the Biden administration to step up and provide the necessary resources to help these Cities.

These migrants also want access to free healthcare, education, and other services, and it appears not enough to merely provide shelter and food. Although US cities have done their best to provide for the influx of migrants, but it is not enough.

Biden and his regime should step up!

Watch the video below for more details:

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