Entitled “Refugees” Got a BRUTAL Surprise When These Bikers Showed Up…

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Westerners and many other nations have lost all patience for refugees. 1,700 Germans attended a rally that waved an anti migrant flag. You know it’s bad when even the “compassionate” Westerners have had enough of these people. they certainly have worn out their welcome. I’d say we have been pretty hospitable but we have to look at the facts, they bring a severely increased risk of danger!

Reports now indicate a rogue band of “bikers, hooligans and bouncers” organized a migrant “manhunt” on Facebook before attacking a group of Pakistanis in Cologne.

“Two young Pakistani men needed hospital treatment after being attacked by vigilante gangs hunting foreigners in Cologne in apparent revenge attacks for the mass sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve,” The Evening Standard reports, adding that “police said the first incident took place early yesterday evening when a group of about 20 men attacked six Pakistanis near the main station near the railway station where the New Year’s Eve attacks took place.”


“Shortly after the first attack, a similar incident unfolded when a 39-year-old Syrian national was assaulted by a group of five people,” Deutsche Welle adds. Here’s more:

Cologne tabloid “Express” reported on Monday that a group of “bikers, hooligans and bouncers” had used Facebook to plan a “human hunt” to “clean up” Cologne’s city center. Early on Monday, a police spokesperson was unable to confirm the reports.

This last Sunday Police were tipped off about terrorist groups that were looking to rile the public. When officers were deployed several identity checks were performed and four people out of the small number they did check were detained. Two face criminal charges and the others penalties are still being determined. That was just this last tiny check the police did! That could have been another major story on the news of death and destruction from terrorists, but because they were allowed to protect themselves lives were saved.


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