EWWW….They Just Invented A Vegan Burger That Tastes Just Like Human Flesh!


Call me crazy but this bizarre story makes me sick, I don’t know about you…

A burger that tastes like ‘human flesh’ has been bugging me recently. It even had the internet buzzing like crazy.

In fact, the Swedish company that made the burger that tastes like human flesh recently received an award.

I mean, have they even eaten real human meat to conclude that comparison?

Wayne Dupree commented further:

I am convinced that the left isn’t happy unless they’re pushing some demonic “Moloch-esq” plan.

So, anyway, that got me thinking, is this cannibalism seriously a “lefty” thing? I decided to poke around and see what I could find on this demonic topic, and low and behold…I found a Vegan food company that is making plant-based burgers that supposedly taste like human flesh.

Yes, for real… and they even won an award for it. Dear God…

I read the article and I thought, “How do these people know that this vegan burger tastes like human flesh?” … And I never found the answer to that disturbing question.

Maybe I don’t want to know?

More details of this bizarre story from a New York Post report:

Swedish plant-based food brand Oumph! created the unusual flesh-flavored burger, which won a Silver Brand Experience and Activation Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity last week.

If you’re concerned the special-edition bizarre “meat” may not be realistic enough, do not fear — a spokesperson said they’ve done their best to make sure it’s as lifelike as possible, crafting it from soya, mushrooms and wheat protein as well as plant-based fats and “a mysterious spice mix.”

Despite the apparently eerie similarity to human flesh, the spokesperson assures “no humans were injured in the development of this product.”

Here’s an ad for the HUMAN plant-based burger:

Watch it  here: EatOumph/Youtube

Sources: WayneDupree, New York Post