Feds Give Senator Who Held ASSASSINATION RALLY A Huge Dose OF Karma!


There is one thing to having a disagreement with someone, and then there is the whole idea of wishing violence on someone.

That is something that liberals need to understand is not going to be sat and idly watched while decent people do nothing about it.

This is the kind of nonsense that we have been dealing with for the past four years and it’s time we stop taking it.

Home & Office Of Senator Martin Sandoval (D-IL) Raided By The FBI

People in the neighborhoods where the raids took place, watched as agents hauled out box after box of evidence. The lunch time raid was extensive according to several witnesses that were on the scene.

Sandoval,55, was elected into the State Senate in 2002, his office in Cicero, Illinois was also raided. Sandoval’s election was helped along by the group, ‘Hispanic Democratic Organization’ which is no longer operating.

Sandoval was able to get a Chicago public school in his sister’s honor built near his home. His district office was also raided by the FBI and officially sealed until further notice. Sandoval ran on a platform of immigration and local businesses.

The business owners that were next door to Sandoval’s district office said ‘they never saw him once’. The neighbors said he never once came over and introduced himself, another said he never saw Sandoval.

When reporters went to the Senator’s home for comment, he wasn’t there, but several FBI agents were there carrying out boxes.

Sandoval Apologized For Having Mock Trump Assassination Pictures At His Fundraiser

Sandoval issued a public apology after pictures of a mock Trump assassination at his August fundraiser surfaced. The pictures show fundraiser guests taking turns shooting at a Donald Trump effigy.

The pictures were posted online, and raised immediate controversy and backlash. One Facebook user wrote, “the tolerant left”. others shamed the Senator, saying it was his fundraiser and he’s responsible. Sandoval was at the fundraiser, and posed for several pictures at the event.

One picture is of a man, wearing a Trump mask, and pretending to be shot. Sandoval is pictured near the questionable scenes. Sandoval is also pictured standing next to the people holding the guns.

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