Feeble Joe Caught On Camera Looking Dazed While Being Asked Questions!


Today, President Joe Biden was asked about what he thinks about parishioners who are pro-abortion, such as Biden and Nancy Pelosi, being banned from receiving communion. He looked shocked, his mouth open, and then stopped before arrogantly replying, “It’s a private matter… I don’t believe it will happen.”

Was the president just puzzled by the question or having a mental brain freeze?


The U.S. Catholic Bishops voted 168 in favor and 55 against drafting a document that could lead to a prohibition on Communion for pro-abortion politicians like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi near the close of their three-day virtual summit. The “Catholic” in name only politicians’ pro-abortion stance could result in a Communion reprimand.

“It reveals a uniquely American Catholicism increasingly at odds with Rome,” according to the New York Times, they went ballistic to the news of the church’s possible action, it is up to each parish to decide whether or not to reject Communion,

The church is split on this issue, with the archbishop of Washington, D.C. saying he welcomes Biden to take Communion even though the far-left politician has supported abortion rights.

Just before the mid-terms in November, the final document is expected to come out.

According to the AP, the vote was taken after “nearly three hours of impassioned debate”:

Supporters of the measure said a strong rebuke of Biden was needed because of his recent actions protecting and expanding abortion access. At the same time, opponents warned that such action would portray the bishops as a partisan force during a time of bitter political divisions across the country.

“Good Catholic,” a self-describe. Nancy Pelosi has reaffirmed her pro-abortion stance by refusing to acknowledge that a baby is a viable human at 15 weeks of pregnancy.

The president’s far-left pro-abortion views have also been questioned.

The Archbishop of San Francisco admonished Biden and Pelosi in early May, saying they shouldn’t be permitted to receive Communion:

“I have had … conversations with Speaker Pelosi. In the case of President Biden or any other prominent Catholic, I think what I would do is if I knew that they were coming into the area here and planned to attend Mass, I would try to have those conversations, as well, ahead of time.”

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