Fights break out at Chicago venue after Donald Trump rally postponed due to security concerns


A rally for Donald Trump was postponed Friday night after.

“For the safety of everyone gathered in and around the pavilion, the Trump rally will be postponed,” an official said from the stage.

Protesters inside dance and cheered after the announcement had made as squirmishes broke out.

Thousands of protesters and supporters had faced off on the Near West Side Friday for the Republican presidential front-runner’s appearance at the UIC Pavilion.

“Trump! Trump! Trump! Illegals are Illegal,” some men chanted as they went inside the stadium at Harrison Street and Racine Avenue.

Protesters shouted back, “Thanks for visiting Chicago!” and “Why racist? … There’s no room for you guys!”

Inside, supporters held signs saying “Veterans for Trump” and shouted “Trump ’16”; protesters shouted back, “Get out of my country!”

But hundreds of protesters also got inside. Three students wearing shirts saying “Muslims United Against Trump” were escorted out of the pavilion as the crowd chanted “USA! USA!” Several more groups of demonstrators were later taken out.

As of 6:30 p.m., Trump still hadn’t taken the stage. Officials urged Trump supporters not to resort to violence even if a protester disrupted the rally.

“If you see a protester, do not harm them,” someone said over the loudspeaker.

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  1. These Thugs need to realize their actions just make more votes for Trump. They are a minority of the people and all the law abiding decent folks will vote for him to get rid of many of them out of their city and state. Vote Trump!!!!!!!

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