FINALLY! Oklahoma Has Had Enough, Takes MAJOR Move To Impeach Obama

US News

President Barack Obama reached an all-time low this month when he issued an “executive decree” to all public and private schools in the national, threatening them with the loss of federal funding and even lawsuits if they refuse to comply with his transgender bathroom policy.

The decree was quick to spark outrage among conservatives who fear for the safety of their children. In fact, several states have taken a stand, claiming that they will ignore the “guidance” from Obama and go about their own business.

The state of Oklahoma has taken that stand a step further; their legislature has just filed a measure calling for the impeachment of Obama over his transgender bathroom demands, claiming that he overstepped his constitutional authority.

The impeachment resolution has no force of law against the president, but it is designed to place pressure on the state’s representatives in Congress.

State representative John Bennett declared that Obama’s bathroom directive was not only “biblically wrong” but also a clear violation of state sovereignty.

The legislation also seeks to remove anyone involved in the signing of measure.


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