Four Men Attacked A Pizza Delivery Guy, And They Didn’t Realize Their Mistake Until It Was Too Late…


Stealing is probably the lowest of the low, especially when the thieves attack someone who’s working hard to make a living. That’s what four thugs in Illinois attempted to do one night when they hatched a plan to attack and rob a pizza delivery guy.

The thugs placed their order late at night, just minutes before closing time. They planned to steal the pizza and assault what they presumed would be a teen delivery boy, stealing any cash he might have with him. But the thugs came face-to-face with more than they could handle that night, and they wouldn’t realize their mistake until it was too late…

Napoleon Harris, an Illinois Senator, and former Minnesota Vikings linebacker, has played a role in the capture of three murder suspects from Georgia after being the victim of a mugging.

Harris was in a Chicago Beggars Pizza franchise he owns when a call came in at the last minute. He decided to give his “overwhelmed” delivery crew a break and went ahead to deliver the pizza.

Photo credits: Faith Durand via The Kitchn, Conman33/Wikimedia Commons, Chicago Tribune

Instead of some small, teenage delivery boy, they met 6-foot-3, 250-pound former NFL linebacker, now, a state senator and business owner, Harris.

They were no match for the man. Although they weren’t able to hurt Harris, they did manage to run off with his wallet, but not for long. He ultimately gave a description of the men and their vehicle to the police.

With Harris’ help, police managed to catch up with three of the suspects and arrest them. They are currently searching for the fourth suspect, who is believed to be hiding in Indiana.

It’s unclear what has happened to these men within the judicial system in the years since then, but Napoleon Harris potentially saved future victims’ lives that night. He has since continued to make a positive impact on the world, too.

Photo credits: Faith Durand via The Kitchn, Conman33/Wikimedia Commons, Chicago Tribune

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Yet that’s not the end of the story.

It turns out theft wasn’t the only crime these thugs may have been guilty of. After the suspects ran away and left their Chevy Tahoe alone, authorities investigated and realized the car had blood on it.

The vehicle was stolen and belonged to Lester “Roy” Jones, whom authorities found dead in Georgia.

So not only did the senator and former football player, Harris, help catch thieves, he may have also helped track down murderers. Not bad for a pizza “delivery man’s” one night on the job.

But Harris is just glad the rest of his staff is safe.

“[Harris] feels he was better capable of handling this incident than they would have been,” said Howard. “They were expecting a scrawny 5-foot-9 guy, and got Harris instead.”

Sources: Chicago Tribune, OpposingViews