This Gorgeous Yoga Master Was Just Deemed The World’s S*xiest Pilot…And You Can See Why


Talk about a woman with dreams! This young woman is BLOWING UP THE INTERNET with her incredible photos of herself traveling around the world. The cool part? She’s the pilot..and she is insanely hot. Find out why the internet is so in love with this girl!

VIA| Malin Rydqvist, a 29-year old yoga expert and airline pilot from Sweden, sizzled all over social media with her hot pictures.

Rydqvist’s advocacy revolves around a person’s capacity to do the things he or she wants despite being busy with work.

She embodies this by becoming a self-taught yoga expert while flying to 37 countries on Boeing 747-800 jets. She also started her own clothing line called “Fly Me Yoga”. The 29-year old sexy pilot is also planning to build her own yoga resort.

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