GOTTA LOVE THIS!! Donald Trump Just Pulled the BEST PRANK EVER on Hillary Clinton in Florida Yesterday!


Hahahahahahahahaha! Donald Trump is a genius. He, or someone who is a HUGE Trump supporter, organized the best prank ever on Hillary Clinton in at her rally in Florida yesterday.

So Hillary Clinton showed up, figuring there would be just 10 or 15 supporters like usual, but was surprised when a whole crowd showed up. She thought to herself, “The email stuff sucks, but today must be my lucky day!”


Suddenly, dozens of blue and red signs began emerging from the crowd. These signs, however, didn’t have the Hillary logo.

The signs in the Crowd were for Donald Trump and Mike Pence!!! 

New York Times


Too great, don’t you agree? Sorry for getting your hopes up Hillary, but those are all TRUMP SUPPORTERS!

It looks like Hillary Clinton forgot 1 important fact: Nobody in America actually likes her.

I mean come on, her own campaign is now having celebrities say things like “I don’t like her either but she is the best option we have…” It’s insane!

Clearly the best option we have is Donald Trump. The people are behind him, and he will be our next President.

If you think this prank was awesome, then show the Trump Train some love and share this with every other Deplorable you know!

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