GUESS How Many Rapists In Norway Were MUSLIM MIGRANTS Last Year…

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Europe is committing cultural suicide if they decide to keep their borders wide open to more of this. Do you want the same for America?

One in four sex offenders convicted in Norway last year came from a migrant background, it has emerged.

Of the 399 people found guilty, 90 were either born inside or outside Norway to foreign parents.

The statistics emerge as countries throughout the EU struggle to cope with social problems caused by hundreds of thousands of migrants entering Europe.
The study, conducted by Norway’s TV2, involved analysing all the judgments handed down in the country’s courts last year.
Kristian Gundersen, a professor at the University of Oslo, told the paper: ‘It’s not necessary one’s ethnic background that can accurately explain these figures.
‘It could be finances, it could be age, in this case it is almost exclusively men, so you can’t bring in gender but these are the kinds of factors you must take into account.’

Migrants from Muslim countries have been involved in a handful number of high profile sex attacks in recent months.

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