He Caught His Girlfriend Cheating In His Bed, How He Handled It Is….


Meet Duston Holloway, the internet’s latest controversial hero.

When embarking on a new relationship you have to be on the lookout for “play brothers/sisters” that you’ve never met before. For Duston Holloway, play siblings were the least of his problems, it was his girlfriend’s step-brother that wrecked the home.

Duston returned home after working a long shift at a construction company in Texas. But to his surprise, he found his lady love in bed asleep with her shirtless step-brother. But instead of awakening them and releasing the kracken, he decided to take photos and post them on Facebook.

“When you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved!” wrote the 23-year-old from Killeen, Texas, along with the pictures that he uploaded to Facebook. “Good men deserve good women.” 

As you can probably imagine, Duston’s post went viral, with thousands of people commending him for his calm reaction to learning this his girlfriend was a cheater.

And the internet seems to be #TeamDuston. In a post, Duston shared that he has received “thousands of messages” of support from “thousands upon thousands of people” (there’s a math issue here, but okay).

He wrote:

“I’ve had thousands of messages thousands upon thousands of people from all over the world congratulated me on being a better man and walking away I have pride and respect I’m amazed at the way this had turned into yesterday I thought my world fell apart I was heartbroken to ever witness anything like that , but with the amount of support from FB and family And friends I want to personally thank each and every one of you. The world ain’t as bad as we think. I don’t care to be known all over I could careless I know good people deserve the best I’m officially amazed with this . but there’s no need in bashing someone when they are down it was wrong it did suck but being the better person is always the best way. THE BEST FEELING IS WHEN SOMEONE APPRECIATES EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU THAT SOMEONE TOOK FOR GRANTED!


According to AWM, people across social media applauded Duston for not going crazy after learning that his girlfriend was cheating on him with another man. Instead, he managed to handle the situation very calmly and with poise.

“Good for you on being the bigger person! I’m sure one day you will find someone will think the world of you!” a commenter wrote.

“Yo saw an article about a trick that played you. If you ever come out to Cleveland, Ohio, I got you, bro. We’ll find you a few to run through. Cheers bruv! [sic],” another wrote.

Duston later admitted that he had wanted to “kick his a**” after finding him in bed with his girlfriend. The woman was wearing a blue t-shirt, but the man was completely shirtless – and might even have been nude below the waist as well, but Duston was not willing to pull back the sheets to see if the man had covered up after sleeping with his girlfriend.

Source: AWM