He Caught The Babysitter Trying To Molest His One Year Old Daughter, What Happened Next Is Pure Karma!


What could possibly go wrong with going to the grocery and leaving your children to a babysitter?

Well, I am not saying that having a babysitter is a bad thing, it’s actually pretty common in our country.

But bad things really happen, Jayson Newlun was hired to babysit a one-year-old girl. He was a friend of the baby’s parents, he was entrusted with their care while they went to the grocery store.

The parents have no idea that while they were gone, Newlun would decide to sodomize the infant in a truly terrible act of betrayal.

However, the virtue of a fortunate twist of fate, the mother realized she had forgotten something at home and so was forced to go back and witness a crime she never thought would happen.

While heading to the child’s room, She found Newlun masturbating while touching the baby’s genitals and taking photos.

She freaked out and called the police but unfortunately for Newlun, the dad flew into an understandable rage and tacked Newlun to the floor, thereafter punching him several times and hitting him with a dresser drawer.

Newlun reportedly said that he didn’t know, before agreeing that he deserved a harsh punishment.

After getting arrested, Newlun was charged with first-degree statutory sodomy and with a bond set at $250,000.

What a truly horrifying scene for the parents of this young girl to return home to. Having trusted Newlun with the care of their child, they must be feeling some responsibility, which only makes the whole thing worse.

As for Newlun, we hope that he gets the punishment he deserves, and can then (hopefully) seek professional help to ensure this never happens again.

This is so bizarre, Biden’s actions towards making women uncomfortable around him remind me of this guy.

Source: Smag31