He Kidnapped An Innocent Woman, What She Said Happened Next Is Beyond Sickening!


An Atmore man was arrested, charged, and jailed on multiple charges that include kidnapping, sexual abuse, sexual torture/abuse, and domestic violence.

Anthony Anttwon Harris, 40, 1717 Martin Luther King Ave., was jailed after police say he brutally attacked and kidnapped a woman, holding her captive for several days during which he allegedly beat her with multiple weapons and subjected her to “sexual torture.”

According to the Court records obtained, it shows that on Sept. 21, 2021, Harris beat the female victim with his fist, a piece of wood, and a crowbar, causing multiple lacerations to her head that caused a black eye and swollen forehead.

Records also state Harris is accused of forcibly inserting a 1 by 2-inch board into the victim’s vagina against her will.

According to court records obtained by local newspaper Atmore News, Harris was charged with several felonies, including one count each of first-degree kidnapping, first-degree sexual abuse, and sexual torture. Harris was also charged with one count of second-degree domestic violence.

Atmore Police Chief Chuck Brooks told Atmore News, “She said she had been physically assaulted and sexually abused. She said she tried to leave, but he forced her to stay against her will.”

The victim, whose name was not released to the public, specifically told police that Harris viciously beat her using “his fists, a piece of wood, and a crowbar.” The victim reportedly suffered multiple lacerations to her face and head, a black eye, and swollen forehead, among other injuries before she was finally able to escape from the residence.

The reports did not provide details concerning what specific measures Harris took to keep the victim captive inside of his home, nor did they provide details as to how she was able to get herself free and travel to the hospital.

“He left, and she was able to get away and go to the hospital,” Brooks told Atmore News, adding that when detectives went to his home to investigate they “found evidence there to support her claims.”

Chief Brooks did not immediately respond to an email from Law&Crime seeking additional details on the allegations against Harris and the victim’s escape.

Harris is currently being held at the Escambia County Detention Center. District Judge Eric Coale set his bond at $500,000 and ordered that he not possess a firearm or contact the victim as conditions of any release. However, Harris’ release on bond is precluded by the fact that he was on probation for second-degree felony assault at the time of his most recent arrest.

Harris pleaded has guilty on March 15  to the assault charge and was sentenced to 180 months behind bars. But that sentence was suspended and Harris was instead ordered to remain on probation for 60 months. Violation of probation warrants was reportedly issued for Harris in addition to the kidnapping, abuse, and sexual torture charges.

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