He Tried To Steal A UFC Fighter’s Car, And It DID NOT GO WELL!


There is one crook in Denver who is not going to be attempting to carjack any more vehicles for a long time, especially considering that he learned a tough lesson the other day. Simply put, if you’re going to steal someone’s car in the Mile High City, you might want to make sure that your targeted victim doesn’t make his living as a UFC fighter beating people in the Octagon!

UFC fighter Jordan Williams had quite the story to tell to ESPN, and it started with him stopping a man from jacking his car last Thursday. Williams ultimately posted security footage of the incident, showing the brief but impactful lesson that he was able to give to the thief.

What Happened?

According to Williams, he had left his car running because he was at a convenience store fetching a drink and he was only going to be there for a minute. However, as he left the store, he saw the man getting into his car and attempting to drive away. However, his car uses push-to-start technology, and so even though the car was still running, it wasn’t drivable because the key was more than five feet away from the vehicle.

“At first I couldn’t really believe it,” he told ESPN. “And then I was like, ‘Holy s**t, there’s someone really in my car.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for Williams to get closer to his car, and once that happened, the drive capability of the vehicle re-engaged and the perpetrator started backing up, and the crook had the gall to think that he was going to get away with it too.

“As I started to run towards the car, it started to slowly back up,” he told the outlet, “and man, the look this guy gave me on his face through the window was like, ‘Yeah, I got your car and this is happening.'”

The carjacker soon realized that he stood corrected. Williams was clad in a fantastic fanny pack, and in one fell swoop he opened up the door and dragged the criminal out and into the parking lot. He started walloping him, landing punches on him, kneeing and kicking him for trying to steal his ride.

“I opened the door and, it’s funny, the first thing I did was throw the stuff I bought on the passenger seat,” Williams told ESPN. “And then I proceeded to punch the guy. After the first punch he said, ‘OK, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’ I was able to get some knees on him, as he was exiting out.”

Williams posted the security footage on Instagram, and the UFC fighter wrote that he only wished he could have taught the man a little bit more.

“Wish I would of [sic] hit him with the trip after the clinch work when I tossed him out of the whip, and finish off with some ground and pound but I’ll settle with getting my car back,” he said.

Either way, the fanny pack remained unmoved throughout the whole entire altercation.

“Also I know you see the stillness of that fanny pack, fanny pack game was on point this could be a commercial for them,” he wrote. Who knows? Maybe Mr. Williams can make some money out of this incident and start endorsing that product?

While there is no word whether the criminal has been captured or not, Williams did note that the man left his hat behind. Apparently, he was so scared at getting crossways with a UFC fighter that he left it behind!