Leftist Judge Produces 43 Page Decision Within 2 HOURS of Hearing State’s Request for Block on Trump Refugee Ban

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For the second time, a federal court blocked President Donald Trump’s efforts to freeze immigration by refugees and citizens of some predominantly Muslim nations.

US District Court Judge Derrick Watson in Honolulu, Hawaii put the revised ban on hold just hours before it was to take effect after hearing arguments that the executive order “discriminates on the basis of nationality.”

However bombshell information could now tell us who is behind it all.

Turns out, Barack Obama took a little vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii on Monday, just days before US District Court Judge Derrick Watson, who presides in Honolulu, ruled against President Trump’s temporary refugee ban from terror states.


I highly doubt it…

Via Pat Dollard and the Star Advertiser:

Coming off a string of high-profile meetings, former President Barack Obama made an unannounced return to Hawaii Monday.

Just three months removed from his last official holiday visit as president, Obama was spotted dining at Buzz’s Lanikai Monday night.

According to reports:

Watson criticized what he called the “illogic” of the government’s arguments and cited “significant and unrebutted evidence of religious animus” behind the travel ban. He also noted that while courts should not examine the “veiled psyche” and “secret motives” of government decision-makers, “the remarkable facts at issue here require no such impermissible inquiry.”

“For instance, there is nothing ‘veiled’ about this press release: ‘Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,'” Watson wrote, referring to a statement Trump issued as a candidate.

Trump responded to the ruling during a rally on Wednesday.

“This ruling makes us look weak, which by the way we no longer are, believe me,” Trump said, vowing to “fight this terrible ruling.”

Promising “we’re going to win it,” Trump said he would take the case to the Supreme Court if need be.

President Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Nashville, Tennessee on March 15, 2017.

Just a side note: Judge Watson believes Somalis and Yemenis have the same constitutional rights as American citizens.

That tells you a little about the type of person he is.

UPDATE: Also — the judge, one Judge Watson, managed to produce a 43-page decision within two hours of the case being filed.

Speedy Gonzalez! (crooked POS)

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