Blonde Bombshell Destroys Clinton Voters (VIDEO): Here’s What To Ask “Well Meaning Morons” These 5 Words Will Win Their Vote


Tomi Lahren makes more good points and a more convincing argument in her 2 1/2 minute  closing statement than Hillary Clinton did in the entire 90 minute debate.  She talks fast, makes sense and does NOT mince words.   All Donald Trump Supporters need to watch this and quickly read the transcript below. Here’s how to deal with your Crooked Hillary supporting friends.     Ask them these questions:


Partial Transcript:

So your friend is voting for Hillary what do you do? I get that question a lot. So here’s the thing…. if they are voting for Hillary because they believe in her policy positions a.k.a. a continuation of Obama’s failed America, well there’s not much you can do. I call those folks well-meaning morons.  Leave them be. But if your Friends, peers, colleagues or even family members are trying to shame you for not voting for Hillary, well I’ve got some final thoughts you can deliver to them.  Here we go…..

Start with a question why are you a Hillary supporter.    Oh they’re ready for this question the media has prime them on it for decades.   They will tell you she’s the most qualified. She has the most experience. I’m OK. Then ask them to outline some of Hillary’s achievements. They will stare at you blankly because that’s the thing with Hillary she so accomplished her supporters can’t name  one damn thing she’s done and done well.

Ask them to: outline some of Hillary’s achievements

First lady stayed with a cheating husband for power and still couldn’t get support for Hillary Care. Oh and then senator. If they can name something she did well in the Senate I’ll be impressed. I mean what about 2008? She lost to a first term Senator/community organizer from Chicago.  Ouch! Move to her reign  as Secretary of State. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to talk about it  much if I were a Hillary supporter either.  Russia restart. Failure  Benghazi. Well the H is always silent usually for 13 hours before and after the loss of 13 Americans.  And yes the woman doesn’t know that C means classified and compromised National Security with a private server so she could get away with Foundation shadiness and give away any level of scrutiny.  Well done!file_001

And what about this election cycle?  The DNC had to rig the primary for her so she could beat the self proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders.  Embarrassing.  So that bringfile_002s us to now. The woman can’t tell the truth. She can’t even tell the truth about how she’s feeling day to day.   Besides still being alive there are no accomplishments in Hillary’s column.  At least none that aren’t overshadowed by her dismal failures and lies.  But your Hillary friends already know that.  But if want to deal them the final blow just ask them this…..   Do you think Hilary wants what’s best for this country or do you think she just wants to be President.  Then sit back, smile and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.  Even Hillary supporters.  Even Hillary supporters don’t really like her that much I assure you. From Dallas, good night.  Take care.


Donald Trump is laughing right now.  He opened a can of whoop-ass on Crooked Hillary on Monday night and we all know the Trump Revolution is snowballing and won’t be stopped


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  1. I just hope we can have you as official White House correspondent when Trump takes office! Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

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