High School Football Team Just Sent Brutal Smackdown To America-Hating NFL Kneelers

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Players and teams in the NFL continued to kneel during the national anthem in protest before the games going into Week 4.

The protests started last season when former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneeled for the playing of the national anthem as a protest for racial injustice in America.

The protest went into full heat after Week 3 of the season when President Trump commented on how the players should stand during the anthem as a sign of respect.

Trump sent out tweets in hopes that more players stand during the anthem this Sunday.

“Very important that NFL players STAND tomorrow, and always, for the playing of our National Anthem,” Trump tweeted. “Respect our Flag and our Country!”

The President’s hopes for more respect is not only affecting the NFL but making a difference in High School football teams as well.

It looks like the NFL could learn a good lesson or two on patriotism from the Fannin County School Rebels in Georgia.

According to foxnews:

At the start of Friday night’s football game the ENTIRE team ran onto the field waving American flags. A number of people in attendance at the game sent us photos and videos of the incredibly patriotic moment.

Supt. Michael Gwatney told WSB-TV the flags were meant to show support for veterans and active duty military personnel.

“It was an awesome and unifying moment for the audiences on both sides of our stadium and reminded us that no matter what team we support, we are all Americans,” he told the television station.


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