Hillary Gets Nasty Surprise The Second She Gets Off The Jet… Watch Closely [VIDEO]


With just weeks until the election, Hillary Clinton has been desperately targeting blue collar workers—a group that has been consistent in favoring Donald Trump.

Any glimmer of hope she may have had is likely gone after she exposed her intentions to shut down goal mines. If you want to know how Hillary’s efforts are coming along—just look at what happened in Ohio.

When Hillary tried to gain a hold of Ohio borders, the miners gave her a rude awakening. Her campaign sent her husband Bill to wrangle up some supporters. Apparently, they thought he would appeal to the hard working miners and the middle class. And Bill thought it was a good idea to wear a lumberjack flannel shirt to the occasions.

This plan quickly backfired in Youngstown, Ohio, when he was greeted by a group of miners and families who were there to protest against him. They were even touting Trump/Pence signs.

“Sending Bill Clinton today to coal country is nothing more than an election-time political stunt to attempt to spin her heartless rhetoric against miners and the fact she is endorsed by nearly all the radical environmental groups,” Chris Palich, president of the Ohio Coal Association, told reporters.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.


0 thoughts on “Hillary Gets Nasty Surprise The Second She Gets Off The Jet… Watch Closely [VIDEO]

  1. She could care less about any of us. It’s disgusting the dimwitted democrats are destroying our coal industry.

  2. Hillary’s objectives have little to do with creating a better life for Americans, never has been and never will be. She has never kept a commitment which is demonstrated when she promised 200K jobs for Upstate NY – once she was voted in, they did not hear from her again. Hillary has little understanding of the economy – when did you hear her during the debates demonstrate any understanding about the monetary system, tax system, GDP, etc? You didn’t because she has no understanding. As for job creation – she readily admitted no understanding of job creation during one of campaign stops, saying that she would have Bill Clinton handle this. Keep in mind that Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law, and since then jobs and in some instances complete industries have fled the country.

    The ONLY candidate with this knowledge and proven track record of success is Donald Trump. VOTE TRUMP!

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