His Wife DIED During Childbirth. But When He Went To Kiss Her Goodbye…


After Doug and Melanie Pritchard expected to have a routine pregnancy, labor and delivery, Melanie Pritchard’s OB/GYN saw she was progressing well and broke her water to speed up the delivery process. Once in labor, Melanie started to convulse. She complained she didn’t feel well, and then was slumped over, her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

The hospital staff called a code blue and performed an emergency C-section on Melanie. Thankfully, her baby was unharmed, but Melanie, a well-known pro-life activist was deemed clinically dead after her heart and lungs failed her through an amniotic fluid embolism.

Doctors advised Doug to make his final goodbye. “I remember asking her vividly, “If you have any fight left in you, then fight,” Doug said.

Doug and his family began to pray. Doctors were able to resuscitate Melanie, but her condition worsened after the emergency C-section. In the meantime, thousands of people joined the family in prayer, tweeting #prayformelanie.

Within one week, Melanie was miraculously able to return home. Doctors and nurses acknowledged she should not have lived, let alone recovered from surgery in full health. “I’m a different nurse after going through this as well. It definitely showed me the power of prayer,” Meghan Burns said.

“I’d always prayed that the Lord would protect me in pregnancy and childbirth, because I thought, ‘With all the work I do in the pro-life movement, if the evil one wanted to attack me, that would be the spot he would do it.’”

“I believed in the power of prayer, but now I lived the power of prayer, I believe it a hundred times more,” Melanie said. If you’ve seen the powerful, saving work of God through prayer, be sure to share this story with friends and family on Facebook!

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