LAS VEGAS, NV – AUGUST 04: Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gestures before she speaks at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Hall on August 4, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to recent polls, Clinton leads her opponent Republican Donald Trump in several swing states including New Hampshire and Florida. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)


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We have all come to understand that Hillary Clinton is, perhaps next to Barack Obama, the least transparent politician in American history. The skeletons in her political closet would most likely make the secrets held by people like Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, and Franklin Roosevelt seem like Sunday morning religious cartoons.

In another of many damning releases by Wikileaks, one of Hillary Clinton’s deepest and most closely held secrets seems to have bubbled to the surface. In responding to a question posed by ABC News about what surprised her in covering Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, reporter Amy Chozick responded, “She likes to drink.” With this revelation a plethora of questions about Clinton’s health and her many belligerent tirades are raised.

While many have posited that Hillary Clinton’s many health irregularities may be signaling a more serious underlying disease, with this information one has to consider the notion that Hillary Clinton may have an alcohol problem. In fact, all of the incidents that have led to the many questions surrounding Clinton’s health can be explained by alcoholism.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a former First Lady has an alcohol problem. In fact, the pressures of the position and the detachment from their spouses – not to mention the stress the presidency puts on a marriage, have been storied over the years. But a former First Lady with an alcohol problem running for the presidency; that has never happened before and the notion is worth exploring.

Asked by ABC News what surprised her the most in covering Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, Chozick was to the point. That ABC would cover the comment in their online edition was, in the very least, surprising.

“Hmm,” Chozick began. “She likes to drink. We were on the campaign trail in 2008 and the press thought she was just taking shots to pander to voters in Pennsylvania. Um, no.”

This observation from someone whose job it is to cover, examine, explore, and otherwise get to know a political candidate personally is as telling as it is damning. It is a third-party observation that might be denied, but that denial would have every reason to be suspect.

When we look at video of Hillary Clinton needing help up the stairs, or needing step stools to gain access to armored SUVs, these instabilities can be explained by a state of intoxication. That no one is allowed to approach Mrs. Clinton unless she approves would serve as a barrier to the public to protect her intoxication from detection.

During campaign rallies and political functions, her sudden blank stares, her stuttering, her disconnected rhetoric and inappropriate eye movement can all be explained by attempting to rule out alcoholism. Each of these actions are actions that can bee seen in alcoholics.

So, too, are Mrs. Clinton’s frequent fainting spells signs of alcoholism. Excessive consumption of alcohol causes dehydration because alcohol is a diuretic. Her own physician has said she is frequently dehydrated and that dehydration has cause her to have fainting spells.

It would also explain why Hillary Clinton emerged rejuvenated from her daughter Chelsea’s apparent after her fainting episode on September 11th of this year. A simple injection of vitamin B12 can often give an alcoholic an immediate boost of energy in the face of dehydration.

Then there are the frequent and documented tyrannical and profanity-laden outbursts she executes toward the Secret Service and military personnel that are tasked with providing protection to her. If Mrs. Clinton is an angry drunk, this explains those events. It also explains the many high-energy arguments that White House insiders say took place late at night in the residence.

We, the voters, should know is a person vying for the most important job in the country is a raging alcoholic. With Chozick’s observation we have the right to ask. Now, more than ever, Hillary Clinton must release un-redacted and full-disclosure copies of her medical records.


0 thoughts on “HOLY SH*T!! While Everyone Was Focused On The Debate, WikiLeaks JUST REVEALED That Hillary HAS MAJOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE ISSUES WITH THIS DRUG!

  1. yes definitely possible she is alcoholic! Explains alot but we don’t want addict in office.
    Vote Trump.

  2. I think both candidates should have drug test and total physicals. and the results should be made public unless the candidate opts to drop out of the race. Both the drug test and physical should happen at a random time without prior notice.

  3. Oh how ugly its going to get for her. See the left thinks that the second she wins, the alt right is going to magically go away… its not. Its going to amp itself up 200 times more. It will destroy whatever “good” she tries to do, it will block legislation and attack in the media harder than anyone else before

  4. CHambers,
    Pull your head out of your ass because when its shove up there as far as yours is you shit all over yourself every time you take a crap. One person made the accusation so it must be true. You are a true clown.

  5. Slick definitely has a cocaine problem. Don’t know about her, though, but nothing would surprise me when it comes to her.

  6. Killary Clinton laundered BILLIONS of dollars in cocaine loot for the CIA, NSA, the Bush criminal cabal, and British royal family.

  7. Killary is a Drunk! She drinks like a Fish. She has for Years. She is a Pill Popper and has Major Anger issues. She goes berserk when she does not get her way. She is a stick of TNT ready to go off. This nut job is dangerous to all of us. The bodies are piling up around her. She had a hit squad when she was in the White House who took care of anyone that she thought was a threat. She intimidated, terrorized Slick Willies Play Mates and those he Molested. They even killed one of there Cats and sat it on there Office Desk. Her name was Willey. That is why they were afraid to speak up. She is a Monster! God Forbid that this Evil good for nothing ever returns to the White House. She even rented Abe Lincolns Bedroom to make Money. Stole Valuables and thrashed the Place. If you never Voted, I beg of you to do it this time. Our Country is going Down and the Evil within is ready to Strike. TRUMP PENCE 2016

  8. Sorry Bub, many, many reporters have remarked and know about her alcohol abuse. But I think she has many more health issues than just alcohol.

  9. Roxann Reese…….I totally agree. Just how do we implement this into law……not gonna happen.

  10. I had suspected a cocaine use problem with her and wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Clinton has a cocaine use problem, too.

  11. Billie You’re right on. Not only Alcohol but Cocaine . Bill was doing drugs before he even met Hillary and Hillary knew it but married the bum but rotten to the core with it. She was/is a heavy drinker still does drugs and has a violent TEMPER. This women along her rotten husband Bill should be in jail and kept far away from the White House.

  12. You have to look at it this way ….If you sleep with dogs you get fleas………..When Bill was in office there was parties on air force one from what I have heard all the time ……..If you put up with what Bill has done and continue living with him there is good chance you will have to live the way he lives

  13. HER AND BILL BOTH ARE DRUNKS AND ARE WELL KNOWN FOR Years of their cocaine use in fact it was said the reason she did nothing for the guys in Benghazi was she drank to much and just wanted to sleep. you an tell bill uses cocain by the red ness of his nose and how fat it is those two are above DOING NOTHING in the world that is WRONG OR ILLEGALOR NO CRIME THAT THEY HAVE NOT DONE NOTHING AT ALL !!!!!!!!!! THEIR IS NO ONE EVER BEEN BORN LOWER THAN THOSE TWO DEMONS!!!!!!!!

  14. Actually, I am not sure I’d be opposed to the idea of the drug test at the least. I mean, if your average American citizen is being considered for a job;the employer is well within their rights to ask for a drug test. So why SHOULDN’T one be required to be candidate for president? ( Or perhaps ANY public office?)

  15. IMHO, I’ve always thought HRC was drunk when the call came in on Benghazi, which would explain her behavior to a tee.

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